Thanks mainly to the 369 MHz processor of the ARM 11 type, 6120 classic works very fast. There is rarely a delay when scrolling the menu, even when opening longer and heavier menus such as Messaging, for instance. Together with N76 these are two of the fastest smartphones not only of the Symbian S60 platform, but generally.

We tried to install Fring on the phone but obviously there is no compatible version for this model yet. On the site of Fring, 6120 classic it is missing as a model, but we tried by selecting N76 and N95, which use Symbian v9.2 S60, too – the program was installed, then we selected an Internet connection but it never started – several white screens only changed over to no effect.

Typically, we checked the signal reception power of the phone. It behaved just like Nokia E65, 4.75 of 10 (average), untypical for Nokia, which is famous for its capacity in this respect.

In the continues talk test, the 6120 classic was live for about 3 hours and a half, which is better than the claimed 3 hours but still just average. You will probably have to charge the phone every two days or so.

The sound during conversation is very good; it is strong in both directions and there is no noise. You are heard clearly and realistically and you hear the voices slightly deeper than they really are, but still comprehensive and clear.


We like Nokia 6120 classic – it is a nice and small phone, but with the functions of a real Symbian S60, using the latest current version (v9.2), which is definitely better than the previous. It is convenient to hold, easily fits a pocket and offers a good sound during conversation. Its multimedia capabilities are not like the N-series, but still you have a good music player with MicroSD slot for memory and a 2 megapixels camera although with mediocre quality. Bearing in mind that it is a 3G phone which can work both in Europe and America, with excellent Internet and e-mail browser, typical of the platform, and with a very fast interface, 6120 classic is an excellent choice for people looking for a small and nice smartphone.


  • Smallest Symbian S60 smartphone
  • Running on Symbian v9.2 and very fast 369MHz processor
  • Dual-band UMTS allows for 3G in both North America and Europe


  • Battery talk time of less than 4 hours
  • Mediocre camera performance

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