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Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Nokia 6120 classic 7.4

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Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Like every modern phone, 6120 has a built-in digital camera with resolution of 2 mega-pixels and a small photoflash LED. It is started 3 seconds after pressing its shortcut when the whole screen turns into a horizontal interface. We were surprised that although the phone operates on Symbian 9.2, this interface is not like those of N95 and N76, but is much simplified. In this way Nokia want to show that the phone is not of the multimedia series, without intentionally reducing the quality of the camera images.

Camera Interface - Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Camera Interface

There are several modes in the Options menu: Video, Panorama, Night, Sequence, Self-Timer(10/20/30sec). You can use the settings to adjust the White Balance, Color filter and the photoflash (on/off/auto) and the resolution and compression of the photos taken.

Two seconds after pressing the shutter button, the photo shows on the display and after pressing the button again you can make a new photo after another 1.5 – 2 seconds. 4 seconds between two photos is good time, allowing you to take lots of pictures.

The photos quality is acceptable in strong light bearing in mind that the phone is not trying to replace a pocket camera. The White Balance is a problem, because of which most photos are with yellowish tint and unreal colors and almost all of them, if viewed at full size (100%), have lots of dots next to one another as ‘spots’. With weaker lighting and shooting at closer objects, the LED provides light but the colors are highly greenish and the noise is so much that it covers all.

Outdoor images - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Outdoor images - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Outdoor images - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Outdoor images - Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Outdoor images

Strong light - Indoor images - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Medium light - Indoor images - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Low light - Indoor images - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Flash ON - Indoor images - Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Strong light

Medium light

Low light

Flash ON

Indoor images

The Panorama regime offers an easy to use software showing by a gray/red arrow whether you have to move closer of away to/from the previous photo when taking the second one, to put together the panorama. Unfortunately, it is limited to two photos only and we would like to be able to take at least 3 or even 4-5 in the best case. Yet there is no point in using the panorama since the end result is a photo of a size much smaller than 2 megapixels.

You can also shoot a video with maximum resolution of QVGA 320х240 and up to 15 frames per second, which is less than the necessary 24, but is still usable. Compression decreases quality but the videos can still be viewed on a computer.

Gallery - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Video Player - Nokia 6120 Classic Review


Video Player


You can view photos from the memory in the gallery where the files are visualized as a vertical list with small thumbnails. The 3D gallery of the N-series phones is missing here, too, like in E65. The video-clips are viewed in a RealPlayer which has a fullscreen option. In our test we used QVGA videos in MPEG4 H.263 and were surprised to see that they were chopped up as if streamed from slow-connection Internet. The same videos can be viewed without problems on E65 whose processor is much slower (220 instead of 369 MHz). Our attempt at opening a H.264 video resulted in what we had expected – only the sound was heard.

The music player is not the one we know from the N-series phones with Symbian 9.2 either, but is quite similar. In the Now Playing interface you can navigate the directions of the d-pad, while information on the played track is visualized below. An album cover image is visualised, if there is one attached to the music file. You have 4 equalizers, bass boost, reverb and stereo widening.

Music player interface - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Music player interface - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Music player interface - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Music player interface - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Music player interface - Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Music player interface

You can sort your music by Artists/Albums/Genres/Composers, as well as by Track lists, including most played tracks, Recent tracks, Recent additions.

The sound quality through the speaker is acceptable, but the volume is weak even in maximum position. You might miss a call if you use music as ringtone and fail to feel the vibration. You have to connect stereo earpieces if you want to listen to louder music with higher quality. You will need them to turn on the radio, too, because they will act as aerial. You can save up to 50 stations with names.


Nokia 6120 classic has about 35 MB of free memory which can be increased by several GB by a microSD card. The phone has 64 MB RAM but after the system is loaded, about 20 MB remain for the user.

Preloaded you have a QuickOffice to view Word/Excel/Powerpoint files, and to be able to edit them you will have to order a full version (Quickoffice v3 (activate editing) full license for EUR9.79 or 30-day license for EUR2.26 or Quickoffice Premier (v4 upgrade + editing) full license for EUR15.06). The inconvenience with Quickoffice is that it opens files saved only in the Documents folders of the memory of the phone and the card. Still, if you reach a file through the file browser and select it, it will be opened by the program. A complex Excel file is visualized OK and scrolling in it is easy, too. We only had a problem with a PowerPoint file where not all images were visualized properly.

Excel sheet - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Word document - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
PowerPoint file - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
PDF document - Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Excel sheet


Word document

PowerPoint file

PDF document

Adobe PDF takes care for viewing of the pdf documents in your phone’s memory. Like with the office applications, we loaded a 50 pages document (and over 1 MB) and scrolled through it without any problems.

Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Marble - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
City Bloxx - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Highroller Casino - Nokia 6120 Classic Review


City Bloxx

Highroller Casino

You also have 3 games: Marble, where you have to fit balls of the same color so that they destroy one another, City Bloxx, which is on a similar principle (putting blocks one on top the other) and Highroller Casino, including Hold’em Poker (tournament), 5 card drawn, Video poker and Blackjack. We liked all three games and find them very suitable to make good use of one’s free time.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Ali (unregistered)

its nice phone butt missing 3 mp cam and vga video rec

posted on 30 Jul 2007, 00:13

2. joe (unregistered)

this phone has most features need for a everyday life style the latest OS got me interested as well as the size of the phone. this has video recording.

posted on 18 Aug 2007, 07:38

3. Lauren (unregistered)

Wow this phone is great at first it confused me because of all the features! This phone is fantastic. I reccomend it to everyone it is worth it and is a phone you can keep for a long time

posted on 21 Aug 2007, 16:40

4. SAC (unregistered)

Nice phone in specs and all, but once you get one in your hands, don't be surprised to think this thing came out of a cracker-jack box. It's quite light and very "plasticky" - hence the feeling of holding a toy in your hands - it creeks and feels like the back will fall apart. The saving grace is the software that runs the phone - it's good and fast, albeit quite confusing to new Symbian users. The reception is not bad, voice quality is average (speaker as well) and Nokia certainly didn't get out of its way to make this an energy efficient device - be prepared to recharge the phone every 1-1/2 days because the battery won't last longer than that with average use. I would rate this a 6 but only because the reception isn't bad. Critical review? Indeed as all such products ought to be reviewed.

posted on 11 Sep 2007, 18:15

5. (unregistered)

thanx for the detailed review!!!

posted on 11 Nov 2007, 10:45

6. Shasheendra (unregistered)

Camera quality (still and video) is poor and well below the expectations. Other features overall can be given 70%.

posted on 17 Nov 2007, 13:44

7. oscar (unregistered)

hi! i got the phone for 1 month and after using as a normal user, i realized that the phone is not so good as i thought or i read on the review... the back cover moves and it seems that it will fall off, and i never dropped the phone, i have to charge the phone everyday and i just used the phone to make 2 o 3 calls per day, send sms and mms. Im used to sony ericsson's or motorola's batt that will last for 2 o 3 days. Internet connection is the best the phone has, it is faster, and the phone will switch from 3 to 3.5 G, but it will depend on the service u have... the cam quality is horrible, as a high end phone, i was expecting a better quality, as well as the video... overall is a normal phone, with a good interface and a toy-looking device... but im thinking of going back to sony or motorola...

posted on 11 Dec 2007, 06:15

8. Edwin (unregistered)

I've had the phone for about a month now and heres what I got to say. It's an awesome phone. It's fast and it does everything i want. The sound and image quality is top notch. i do have some gripes. The phone is buggy. It does this thing every so often where all volume dies from the phone. It doesnt ring, the keys don't make any noise, and you can't hear anything. It's fixed by restarting but that is kinda bad when you dont knwo when its gonna go buggy on you and you have the alarm set. It's also frozen up completely twice so far where i had to remove the battery. I'm in the US (Los Angeles), and we have 3g on the 1900 range, so I don't get 3g here. So that was a disappointment too. but besides those things, I'm loving the phone. I got TomTom running from it too.

posted on 15 Sep 2008, 06:19

9. (unregistered)

awesome review! it's my current phone and i love it. :) it's not the perfect phone, but it gets the job done. just a little correction... the panoramic camera mode can take more than 2 images to stitch together and form a panoramic image... but it does result to a smaller image.

posted on 10 Oct 2008, 13:01

10. (unregistered)

well this is the best phone i have ever used other than 6600, all the features are damn good , pity we will be getting 3G in India late end of 2008 . The phone battery is decent , multimedia capabilities are good, i use this phone everywhere i go , I take to the bathroom listen to FM station when i bathe & I connect to my car streo, which play the song stored in the card. Me being a dentist, its useful in a lot of ways too. The uses are endeless for me with this phone , I have suggested this to my friend who will be getting it shortly. One issue is it does not have a GPS receiver - OTHER WISE DAMN VALUE FOR EVERY PENNY- SUPERB REVIEW POSTED IN HERE

posted on 15 Oct 2008, 22:59

11. (unregistered)

Fantastic! phone,powerful symbian 9.2. N-gage 2 plays well and fast. Great small display. Cons: Center pad poor quality chrome.

posted on 19 Oct 2008, 10:52

12. mohammed (unregistered)

hey i'm mohammed and i live in gaza palestine ... i saw this phone in the mall and i really like the features and the phone and i want to buy it but i really need help i'm kinda confused i search the web finding all the comments tht people leave about this phone and i'm still confused so can anyone help me .. my email is mohammed_abuzaanona@yahoo.com

posted on 01 Oct 2011, 02:32

13. sand (unregistered)

My dispaly is black, mixed, gone..
what should i do...?

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Display2.0 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (200 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Single core, 369 MHz, ARM11 processor
0.06 GB RAM
Size4.13 x 1.81 x 0.59 inches
(105 x 46 x 15 mm)
2.96 oz  (84 g)
Battery820 mAh, 3 hours talk time

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