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Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Nokia 6120 classic 7.4

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Nokia 6120 Interface - Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Nokia 6120 Interface


Nokia 6120 Classic is a smartphone using Symbian Operating System and S60 Interface, as all the other smartphones of the brand. The operating system version is 9.2, as with the top models of N95 and E90. We are glad that it does not use the older 9.1 version, because 9.2 brings positive features only.

Although slightly personalized (with themes and icons arrangement), this system is in fact a full Symbian 9.2 and many things of the phone software will be as with the other models.

The top part of the home screen displays a clock and the date, as well as the usual signal strength and battery, while the name of the carrier or Offline can be seen in the middle. The Offline tag indicates that the 6120 works only as an “organizer” and multimedia device with the phone function switched off (that’s handy for using the smartphone during a flight). Just below these is located a row of 6 shortcuts which can be personalized to suit you best. The rest of the display, below them, is used for “notifications” – this is where missed calls, upcoming tasks (or To-Do in the calendar), received messages are displayed, as well as the music player status (the song that’s played at the moment). Located at the bottom of the screen are the two software buttons which can also be personalized from the Settings menu.

The main menu can be viewed as 3x4 grid of icons that can also be displayed as a list (it’s chosen directly from the main menu) but the icons are not animated in both cases. Just like the N76, here you have two new possible visualizations – Horseshoе and V-shaped, which are interestingly-looking, but inconvenient to use 3D menus. The numeric keypad buttons can be used as shortcuts – a function which is much better implemented than version 6 of the S60 interface but still a lot of things should be changed: as the menu not always holds 12 icons (they can be more or less), scrolling up/down shows you different ones that should be associated with the keypad – but they’re not. Like other Symbian phones, you can rearrange the icons in the menu and move links in folders.

A nice extra of the Symbian v9.2 is that each application which is active has a small circle next to its icon in the menu. For example, if you left any application running in the background, than in the main menu next to "Applications" link an indication would appear. As all other Symbian S60 phones, you can see the running applications by holding the Menu key, and shut some of them off by selecting them and using the C key.

The menu can be personalized by using themes, and if you combine various screensavers and personalized homescreens, two identical phones can look quite different. Definitely, the operating system provides many good personalization options.


Searching - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Adding new contact - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Nokia 6120 Classic Review



Adding new contact

Symbian phones are not only smart pocket computers, they are phones at first place. And every phone should have a good system for managing the contacts. The phonebook of Symbian S60 phones is one of the best on the market, together with those of Windows smartphones. All the contacts are displayed as a list and if there is a picture ID, it can be seen in the top left corner of the screen as a thumbnail with a very small size (it’s the same when you have an incoming call and that’s why we find this feature useless) when you select the contact. If you want to search, you type in directly from the keypad and searching is done for the whole name (not only the first word), even if the name is saved in more than one field (first and last name for example). If you want to edit a contact, you can only change the already defined fields. For adding more information you need to select the Add Detail menu. When adding a new contact you are provided with the “basic” fields, but with the “Add Detail” function you have almost no restrictions on the fields and their number and you can add a lot of phone numbers.

We also like having the option for adding a given field several times and in that manner for example we are able to record the numbers of three phones each one with a status “Mobile”.

Voice control - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Voice recorder - Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Voice control

Voice recorder

The phone has a set of voice commands – they are speaker independent and you don’t have to “train” every command, something that can save you a lot of precious time. By holding the right soft key, the “recognizer” turns on and you can say a name (from the phonebook) to be dialed. Names like “Father”, “Brother”, “test”, “John” and “Neo” were no problem, but we had no success with others like “Amy” for example.

The commands can activate various programs or perform different functions, like “New SMS” for example, but a list with different capabilities must be added to the menu as not all of them are added by default so that they’re easier to recognize with any speaker – thus by adding only the ones you need, you can achieve best possible accuracy without the annoying training. Аnd it works, the voice commands were very accurate and we rarely experienced mistakes when launching applications.

A voice recorder can record your voice using the speakerphone. The duration of the recording is limited only by the available memory and as you can record on the memory card, you can have a long recording. In that way the smartphone can replace your voice recorder without needing third party software.


The Organizer tools are in a folder called “Organiser” in the main menu. The calendar can be viewed by month or week and of course, you can easily add notes (Meeting, Memo, Anniversary, To-do) with options for alarm, to a particular day with a few clicks. To-Do notes are also displayed on the homescreen if you have set the active standby in such way.

Month view - Calendar - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Week view - Calendar - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Calendar - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Calendar - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Calendar - Nokia 6120 Classic Review

Month view

Week view



Notes - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
Alarm clock - Nokia 6120 Classic Review


Alarm clock

World time - Nokia 6120 Classic Review
File manager - Nokia 6120 Classic Review

World time

File manager

are just annotations with no option for adding an alarm like the To-Do notes. The Converter works with various quantities (Length, Weight, etc.) but the interface has not changed much, compared to older versions. The calculator is very simple and is not scientific one, which would suit a smartphone.

In the Clock menu, you will find the alarms. In Symbian 9.2 you can add as many alarms as you wish and for each one you could choose whether it should repeat (daily, weekly, or workdays). This is excellent and there is no stupid limitation in the number of the alarms like with other even smart phones (i.e. Symbian 9.1 allows for only one alarm that even can not be set to repeat).

The World Clock is also located in this menu and you can add various cities that you like to view – that's very convenient and saves a lot of time compared to the standard way with “moving across the world map". You can easily review given cities, which you are interested in without searching them each time.

The File Manager is in the Settings – Data Manager menu, together with the application manager (to remove installed programs), and a few other options.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Ali (unregistered)

its nice phone butt missing 3 mp cam and vga video rec

posted on 30 Jul 2007, 00:13

2. joe (unregistered)

this phone has most features need for a everyday life style the latest OS got me interested as well as the size of the phone. this has video recording.

posted on 18 Aug 2007, 07:38

3. Lauren (unregistered)

Wow this phone is great at first it confused me because of all the features! This phone is fantastic. I reccomend it to everyone it is worth it and is a phone you can keep for a long time

posted on 21 Aug 2007, 16:40

4. SAC (unregistered)

Nice phone in specs and all, but once you get one in your hands, don't be surprised to think this thing came out of a cracker-jack box. It's quite light and very "plasticky" - hence the feeling of holding a toy in your hands - it creeks and feels like the back will fall apart. The saving grace is the software that runs the phone - it's good and fast, albeit quite confusing to new Symbian users. The reception is not bad, voice quality is average (speaker as well) and Nokia certainly didn't get out of its way to make this an energy efficient device - be prepared to recharge the phone every 1-1/2 days because the battery won't last longer than that with average use. I would rate this a 6 but only because the reception isn't bad. Critical review? Indeed as all such products ought to be reviewed.

posted on 11 Sep 2007, 18:15

5. (unregistered)

thanx for the detailed review!!!

posted on 11 Nov 2007, 10:45

6. Shasheendra (unregistered)

Camera quality (still and video) is poor and well below the expectations. Other features overall can be given 70%.

posted on 17 Nov 2007, 13:44

7. oscar (unregistered)

hi! i got the phone for 1 month and after using as a normal user, i realized that the phone is not so good as i thought or i read on the review... the back cover moves and it seems that it will fall off, and i never dropped the phone, i have to charge the phone everyday and i just used the phone to make 2 o 3 calls per day, send sms and mms. Im used to sony ericsson's or motorola's batt that will last for 2 o 3 days. Internet connection is the best the phone has, it is faster, and the phone will switch from 3 to 3.5 G, but it will depend on the service u have... the cam quality is horrible, as a high end phone, i was expecting a better quality, as well as the video... overall is a normal phone, with a good interface and a toy-looking device... but im thinking of going back to sony or motorola...

posted on 11 Dec 2007, 06:15

8. Edwin (unregistered)

I've had the phone for about a month now and heres what I got to say. It's an awesome phone. It's fast and it does everything i want. The sound and image quality is top notch. i do have some gripes. The phone is buggy. It does this thing every so often where all volume dies from the phone. It doesnt ring, the keys don't make any noise, and you can't hear anything. It's fixed by restarting but that is kinda bad when you dont knwo when its gonna go buggy on you and you have the alarm set. It's also frozen up completely twice so far where i had to remove the battery. I'm in the US (Los Angeles), and we have 3g on the 1900 range, so I don't get 3g here. So that was a disappointment too. but besides those things, I'm loving the phone. I got TomTom running from it too.

posted on 15 Sep 2008, 06:19

9. (unregistered)

awesome review! it's my current phone and i love it. :) it's not the perfect phone, but it gets the job done. just a little correction... the panoramic camera mode can take more than 2 images to stitch together and form a panoramic image... but it does result to a smaller image.

posted on 10 Oct 2008, 13:01

10. (unregistered)

well this is the best phone i have ever used other than 6600, all the features are damn good , pity we will be getting 3G in India late end of 2008 . The phone battery is decent , multimedia capabilities are good, i use this phone everywhere i go , I take to the bathroom listen to FM station when i bathe & I connect to my car streo, which play the song stored in the card. Me being a dentist, its useful in a lot of ways too. The uses are endeless for me with this phone , I have suggested this to my friend who will be getting it shortly. One issue is it does not have a GPS receiver - OTHER WISE DAMN VALUE FOR EVERY PENNY- SUPERB REVIEW POSTED IN HERE

posted on 15 Oct 2008, 22:59

11. (unregistered)

Fantastic! phone,powerful symbian 9.2. N-gage 2 plays well and fast. Great small display. Cons: Center pad poor quality chrome.

posted on 19 Oct 2008, 10:52

12. mohammed (unregistered)

hey i'm mohammed and i live in gaza palestine ... i saw this phone in the mall and i really like the features and the phone and i want to buy it but i really need help i'm kinda confused i search the web finding all the comments tht people leave about this phone and i'm still confused so can anyone help me .. my email is mohammed_abuzaanona@yahoo.com

posted on 01 Oct 2011, 02:32

13. sand (unregistered)

My dispaly is black, mixed, gone..
what should i do...?

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Display2.0 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (200 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Single core, 369 MHz, ARM11 processor
0.06 GB RAM
Size4.13 x 1.81 x 0.59 inches
(105 x 46 x 15 mm)
2.96 oz  (84 g)
Battery820 mAh, 3 hours talk time

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