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Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Review

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic

Posted: , by Hristo



Nokia 5700 uses the same processor, which we discussed with 6120 and N76 – a 369 MHz ARM11. This is the fastest processor ever to be installed in a device of the company, so we hope it will be used in the forthcoming new models as well. Its speed is tangible – when operating the unit you will not be irritated by slow-downs and “thoughtfulness”.

Sub-menus are opened almost instantly after pressing the button. The only thing that we noticed is the delay of about a second until activating some of the player functions after pressing the respective button. This slow response is rather surprising, given the fact that the model belongs to the music-oriented XpressMusic series.

We also tested the signal reception of the phone and Nokia 5700 showed results around the average – 4.5 of 10. We would say that this index ranks the telephone close to 6120 and E65.

When receiving a call, the ringtone sound is strong and well-audible, since both loudspeakers are engaged in reproducing it. And if you are still uneasy about hearing, there is the vibration; the latter, however, can be felt only when the telephone is kept in a pocket tightly adhering to your body.

During conversation you hear a very loud sound, though with a tangible background noise. This might cause the voice of the collocutor seem somewhat unreal, which will hardly hamper communication, yet we should note it.

The other side also hears you loudly with a slight emphasis on the bass, but otherwise very clearly and without any noise or echo.

The official technical data in the documentation of Nokia 5700 present the following duration depending on the way the telephone is being used:


Talk time

Video call time

Video playback time

Music playback time

Standby time


Up to 3.5 hours GSM

Up to 2.5 hours WCDMA

Up to 1.7 hours



Up to 4 hours

Up to 10 hours

Up to 12 days GSM

Up to 270 hours WCDMA

In order to test how the battery copes in reality, we tested its endurance by talking in a GSM network. The experiment showed that the device kept working for 6 hours and 5 minutes of continuous conversation. This was a surprising achievement in view of the fact that it was a time much longer than the one stated in advance.


The new Nokia smartphone 5700 is definitely the most functional device from the XpressMusic series. Combining the positive characteristics of two previous models (Nokia 3250 and 5300), it is of itself an “aggregate” of several devices, united in one. Only one fast and easy twist of its lower part provides you with a music player; one more twist – here is the camera, ready to shoot a memorable moment. The combination of telephone and player in one is a guarantee that you will not miss an important call while listening to your favorite album.

And with the additional 3G functionality you are at liberty to not only listen to, but see the person on the other side as well. You can also make use of this feature for fast access to the Internet.

A 369 MHz processor takes care for the management of all these functions; it secures the rapid work and response of the unit. This is the fastest processor ever installed on a Nokia device (even faster than that of the N95 top-model). The superb QVGA display does an excellent job with the visualization of clips; their realistic reproduction being secured by the 16 million colors.

We are convinced that the new XpressMusic model will attract numerous admirers – not only by way of its functionality, but also due to the facility of operating both the telephone and the player.


  • A good display, visible even at direct sunlight
  • The fastest processor ever in a Nokia device
  • Two loudspeakers for powerful sound


  • Quite inconvenient to work in camera mode
  • Comparatively bulky and heavy
  • No built-in 3.5 mm socket
  • The joystick is difficult and inconvenient to move
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. mmm (unregistered)

very great symbian phone i ever have.

posted on 04 Aug 2007, 06:32

2. gka (unregistered)

this is the best music phone by nokia ... even a n 95 music quality cant be compared to its music quality as it reproduces the sounds of ur mp3's using a dedicated music chip ... the most wonderful music phone anyone can have ... thank you nokia i love my 5700 ...

posted on 04 Aug 2007, 06:36

3. sanjaya (unregistered)

man i love this phone this is one of the best ... im using an n 95 but now i dont like it anymore because i brought this a week ago it rocks i didnt use my n 95 in a week now ... im so addicted to its quality music and everything in it ...

posted on 04 Aug 2007, 06:43

4. turkai (unregistered)

just take a look at those visuals in it while playing music in the 5700 you will be amazed when you see those and its fun to watch those ... the display in it is 60 million colors ... runs with symbain series 60 3rd edition ... for some people music is life ... so that means this phone can be your life if you try to hear this phones playing music ...

posted on 05 Aug 2007, 01:45

5. justin (unregistered)

this is going out to all the compaines including s.e. , samsung and motorola it seems like u should work harder on ur phone music quality now ... as i know none of the phones got quality sounds like this one ...

posted on 05 Aug 2007, 01:55

6. chang (unregistered)

lets get the groove on with more stuff attached to this great and amazing phone ... try buying the md - 5w nokia bluetooth speakers ... and use it with this phone u will start dancing without u knowing it lol ...

posted on 05 Aug 2007, 08:07

7. (unregistered)

thanks phonearena.com for reviewing N 5700.

posted on 06 Aug 2007, 04:45

8. Harry (unregistered)

1. Same features as in N95 except 2 megapixel camera. 2. Has GPS functionality also. (U need to subscribe with provider) 3. You can enable name announcement of caller which notifies u of the caller by name from phonebook 4. Excellent music + bass (with headphones the bass reverbrates) as good as Sony Ericsson. After the loud function has been activated I found it better than my friend's Sony Ericcson.It is good. You can throw away your creative music player. 5. Video quality is also good. And the size is restricted to size of memory. The mic's quality is very good and picks iup conversation from6 feet off. Crystal clear. You can throw away your voice recorder also. 6. Symbian Version enables you to install programs (Sony P1 only available) 7. Cost in India Nokia 5700 - Rs.12500 / N95 - Rs.34500 / Sony Ericcson P1 Rs.29990. Good features for less than half the cost. 8. 369Mhz Processor - Faster processing. No hangups at all. N73 thinks a lot sometimes. The Bad: 1. The swivel goes 180 degrees in clockwise direction and 90 degrees in anticlockwise. If you force differently, it will break. If it breaks, new phone need to be purchased! (Do not give this phone to children!!) 2. Image quality is good outdoors but not excellent. But Indoors there is always noise even with the flash. Outdoors if u use flash with ambient background, the background tends to wash out! 3. Sometimes it automatically goes into panarama mode without user input. I guess this is a software issue and can be fixed. (I still have not found how to fix it!) Overall: 9/10

posted on 15 Sep 2007, 11:28

9. hitesh (unregistered)

men this phone sound quality is better than other phones and video quality is great. Nokia 5700 truly a best music phone coming with the nokia s60 v3 edition

posted on 09 Oct 2007, 04:39

10. angel (unregistered)

to harry., how did u say dat the GPS of this phoe is compared to n95??

posted on 28 May 2008, 07:27

11. ak (unregistered)

this is the beat fone ever ...simply sexy n sazzy.thank u nokia.

posted on 18 Jun 2008, 19:45

12. (unregistered)

The accent of the reviewer is atrocius,its simply atrocius,please learn some pronunciation because its almost impossible to properly undestand.Do yourself a favor and attend english classes or take a trip to an english-speaking country. by the way the review is kinda poor,just my opinion

posted on 24 Sep 2011, 09:32

13. firoz khan (unregistered)

i want to see you tube download video,please suggest software.

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4.05 oz  (115 g)
Battery900 mAh, 3.5 hours talk time

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