Since it is a music-oriented phone, 5610 has to provide excellent music quality.

The slider button under the display is used for fast access to the music functions. It lets you jump to the music player, the FM radio and back to the homescreen. We would have liked to go back to the last screen instead; while writing a message, we go to change the song, but the slider doesn’t automatically take us back to what we were previously doing, for example. Overall, this button facilitates the access to the music functions to some extent, but is seems like its role is not well planned.

From the music player menu, you can see all tracks, your playlists, you can sort them by artist, album, genre or take a look at the videos available. Naturally, there’s an option for the player to work in the background, so you can use the rest of the functions in the meantime.

The interface is designed to be user-friendly. In its upper part, there is an indicator of the track number of the song currently playing. Underneath, is the album cover or just empty space if such is not available. In the lower part of the screen, we have the track info, including the total and the elapsed time, accompanied by the progress bar. The bottom is reserved for the indicators.

There are no up/down arrows depicted anywhere, which to correspond to the same directions on the D-pad, but they actually have functions. Pressing up, will take you back to the musical menu and down will visualize the playlist with the song currently playing.

In addition, from the settings, you can activate the equalizer and/or the stereo widening function, which to enhance the sound.

Besides the music player, Nokia 5610 offers a built-in FM radio with RDS support. Before turning the radio on, you need to plug the earphones in, because they act as an antenna. You can store a total of 16 stations, also being able to change their names and the order, in which they appear. You have the option to program all stations available, input a specific frequency or to search for all the stations in the region you are in, via the Internet, which is kind of pointless.

The loudspeaker delivers a high-level sound, but any low frequencies are not to be heard, of course. It’s better if you use the earphones, but the sound is not as good as in Sony Ericsson W890.

The video player has a quite simple interface. There is a bar in the lower part of the display, indicating the progress, accompanied by the button indicators beneath it. You have the option to play the video in full-screen mode in landscape display orientation.

The video player supports 3GP or MP4 file formats. Since the manufacturer claims that 5610 can play videos with quality close to DVD, we decided to check for ourselves. The maximum resolution, at which we managed to play videos, was 640 x 480 in both formats. However, when reproducing videos with a bitrate higher than 512 kbps the picture didn’t correspond to the sound and vise versa. That’s why when playing a video, we recommend you use a lower bitrate and a resolution matching the display’s.


The camera with which is equipped the Nokia is 3.2-megapixel with autofocus and a double LED flash. It takes 2 seconds for the interface to start, two more for the autofocus, and you’ll have to wait about 6-7 seconds after snapping a photo, in order for the camera to be ready to go again.

The interface is relatively easy to operate. At first, it is in landscape mode, but you can switch to portrait. In the upper part, we have the icons indicating what are you shooting (pictures/video) and where are the files stored. On the left side, we have the number of pictures or time remaining, the quality and the zoom level, and in the bottom, is the resolution used.

The camera offers the following options and settings: brightness, flash on/off, night mode, image sequence on/of (in groups of three only), countdown counter, color effects and white balance. You can take macro photos, but this is an automated function and the user is not able to turn it on/off.

The pictures are average for such a camera. They lack detail and there is a lot of noise, which is stronger indoors. The flash manages to illuminate the object photographed bright enough, so it is clearly defined on the picture.

Overall, we are content with the performance, because we cannot expect a music-oriented phone, to make perfect photos.

The videos can be recorded at 640 x 480 pixels and 15 fps. Currently, there are not many phones that offer recording of VGA videos, so its presence here is quite “charming” and is a big advantage for those of you who prefer that type of media instead of still photos. Well, don’t expect perfect quality…

Nokia 5610 sample video at 640x480 pixels resolution


Like most of the phones with Series 40 interface, 5610 XpressMusic also comes preloaded with some programs, which can be found in the menu Applications. These are: Converter, Download!, Installer, Opera Mini, Search, Sensor, World Clock and Yahoo!GO (the last one is present in the Messages and Media menus). There are four games as well.

The phone supports JAVA 2.1 and that allows you to download many other applications for that platform.



1. Tz unregistered

This phone is really great

2. unregistered

battery sucks

3. elaine unregistered

i might get this phone. is it good?

4. behold--me

Posts: 679; Member since: Jun 22, 2009

my sister has it and i played around with it the music player is really good the FM radio needs an "antenna" (headphones) ???? the games on hers arent really fun like guitar hero III sounds horrible the camera is really bad and everything looks dark n fuzzy

5. TreyTreyTaylor

Posts: 728; Member since: Dec 21, 2010

This phone while it was an amazing phone had HUGE bugs. Where to start, well i had four FOUR 5610's. Two red&black's and two white and silvers. Now i don't know if this was a T-Mobile USA specific bug, But each and every one i had (not one owned for longer than a month or two) had screen malfunctions in which during doing something on the phone the screen would go white completely and never return to normal state. Nothing fixed this problem. I wanted to love this phone so much but literally couldn't because each replacement did the same exact thing over a couple weeks time. That was three years ago tho. Left T-Mobile in 09. Went to Verizon got a Motorola Droid, the rest is history.
5610 XpressMusic
  • Display 2.2" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.02 GB
  • Battery 900 mAh(6.00h talk time)

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