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Nokia 3390

Nokia 3390

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» Data capabilities

If you travel often and would like an internet capable phone, you are out of luck with this one. Not only has the phone no MODEM, it has no IR port or any
other means of connectivity, but the standard serial interface to your computer. This can only be used for PIM synchronization, incl. ring tones, but not for "data connection ". According to Nokia 's web site, there is another Model, the Nokia 3395, which is almost identical to 3390, but includes WAP capabilities. While the 3395 also uses the 1900Mhz GSM standard, I have not seen it on sale anywhere. A search on ebay (www.ebay.com) shows only accessories, which are compatible with those for the 3390.

» Battery Performance

Some would argue that the included BMC-2 Nokia battery is insufficient, but in my experience, without the heavy use of SMS and games, the phone lasts for two days on a single charge. Daily recharge would be necessary if you are a serious SMS user. If you do so much gaming that you drain your battery, I suggest getting a game boy. Nokia stocks both an extended NiMH (BMC-3) and extended Li-Ion (BLC-2) batteries. The battery life of the Nokia 3390 is similar to those of the competition. As a reference, the T28w achieves a Standby time of 50hrs with its standard battery, where the 3390 does 55hrs.


» RF Performance

When the 82xx/88xx series came out they were harshly criticized for their poor RF performance, which was a result of their built-in antenna and small footprint. Despite all criticism, the design of the 82xx/88xx series has proved that there is future for the built-in antenna solution. Even though the design was still immature, those phones were completely useable and had one major advantage - they were more likely not to miss a call while in your purse or pocket, when compared to other phones. The engineers at Nokia have worked hard to improve this setup and the result is apparent - the Nokia 3390 with its built-in antenna performs just as well as other, standard antenna setups I compared it to - the Motorola P280 and the Ericsson T28. If your friends tell you they have been trying to call you, but your phone was off, when in fact it was in your handbag or pocket, you might consider purchasing this phone. Beware though, the RF performance degrades if you hold the phone towards the top, where the internal antenna is located.


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posted on 02 Mar 2013, 21:14

1. chrystal026 (Posts: 1; Member since: 02 Mar 2013)

I had my Nokia 3390,since 2003,and had to turn it off 3/1/2013.I switch to Metro PC[25.00],since T-Mobile was much higher.The Nokia 3390 never gave me no Problems,it was the Best!!!-If Metro PC had a Sim Card,I would still be using that Phone.I do all my Games at Home,and don:t need all those x-tras!!!

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