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Nokia 3390

Nokia 3390

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As I mentioned earlier, the Nokia 3390 is a low end phone by all, but the least demanding of standards. While it concentrates on ease of use and availability of daily-used features, its arsenal lacks the weapons many competitors carry. Its connectivity options are almost non-existent, limited only to phonebook synchronization. This phone does not have a MODEM, WAP support, GPRS capability or IR port. To do Nokia justice, they have included some nice features as well. The phone has several nice games, the standard Nokia calculator and some extra features like calendar, notes and alarm clock. It supports long SMS messages and the Nokia-proprietary picture messaging ability. The built-in Vibra Alert and the option to send/receive ring tones were definitely nice touches. As with most Nokia phones, in my opinion, the 3390's menus are easy to navigate around. Users migrating from some Ericsson phones will certainly appreciate the speed with which the menus open and close. The menus resemble those of the 61xx models and sport features previously reserved for high-end phones, like animated menus, presence of calculator, profiles and calendar.
Unlike most new phones, the 3390 does not have any extra phone numbers memory, in addition to that of the SIM card. Thus, the total phone number capacity of your phone will be limited to the memory of your SIM card. The 3390 features the usual array of Nokia tones with a few new ones added, 35 in total. Like some Ericsson handsets, the Nokia 3390 now offers custom ring tones. Those can be created using the built-in composer or downloaded from another phone. You can now exchange ring tones with your friends.
The 3390 caters to the heavy SMS users. In addition to the ability to send and receive short messages, you can transfer business cards, smiley faces, ring tones
and pictures. The phone offers pre-defined and customizable SMS templates. When entering a text message the phone uses the predictive T9 input to essentially 'guess ' at the word you are trying to enter. While this feature can be very helpful, when mastered, it can be annoying at first. A criticism towards Nokia in respect to SMS is the lack of "erase all " messages from your inbox.
Another nice feature of the 3390 is support for long SMS messages. Messages on other phones are limited by the SMS protocol to 160 characters, but now you can compose SMS 's that are almost three times the size. When sent from one 3390 to another 3390, a long SMS comes in as one message. If the phone on the other end does not support long SMS, these long messages are sent split.
The phone features all new Nokia games. There 's Snake II, Space Impact (similar to Space Invaders), Bantumi, and Pairs II. While a bigger screen would
have been nice, Nokia has tried to improve the feedback during gameplay by including vibrations, in addition to sounds.

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Size4.30 x 1.90 x 1.00 inches
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