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Nextlink Special Edition #1 BlueSpoon 5G review

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The 5G is an Engineering Marvel which showcases NextLink's Superiority in the Bluetooth Headset Design and Manufacturing area. It is not a headset for everyone. The AX and the Super-High Performance DX will be a more practical and user friendly headset for most people. The 5G is for the individual who wants the "Ultimate Bleeding Edge" product and is willing to make compromises for bragging rights to that end. The reward is having ownership of something that is so technically advanced and like no other product on the market.


Its limited production and hand-made quality insure that the owner will always be "The One" when engaged in a battle of who is the Ultimate Geek with his friends. Non-Gadget people will simply look at it in awe thinking that you must be an employee of the National Security Agency or a CIA agent on the lamb.


Nextlink's limited edition 5G Bluetooth headset  for people who demand the best from the Bleeding Edge!


Nextlink Special Edition #1 BlueSpoon 5G review

This review has been edited and published with permission from the original author - Mark Morrow 


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