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Nextlink Special Edition #1 BlueSpoon 5G review

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The Biggest Problem of 5G ownership is actually due to the "tiny size" of the 5G. The 5G is so tiny, and the battery is so small, that removing and charging batteries can be a little difficult. I have small hands and very small fingers for a man, but its extremely difficult for me to remove the battery housing from the 5G. Additionally, the size of the battery is such that if you drop it like I did, outside while making photographs, you may spend some time just searching for it. It's really, really small folks. Look at the 5G here beside a penny.


Nextlink Special Edition #1 BlueSpoon 5G review

While the battery actually sits on top of the penny with room enough for another almost.


Nextlink Special Edition #1 BlueSpoon 5G review

So, I don't recommend this headset for those people who aren't absolute fanatics with their components, although I doubt anyone who is willing to pay the price is not, because being irresponsible with the unit will result in a very fast misplacement of either the unit, the battery, the battery housing door, or a "sickening crunch" under the foot of an owner who failed to secure his 5G from being knocked to the floor. It's really small guys/girls!! So BE CAREFUL! Also, if you don't want to have to take the time to remove a battery and replace it, compared to the AX simply being "plugged in" or the Digital which is "Locked in its Cradle" you will not enjoy 5G ownership.

Don't worry, though, you don't have to repair the unit while replacing batteries. The last device it was paired with will connect as soon as you replace the next battery.


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