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Nextlink BlueSpoon AX2 Bluetooth Headset Review


Similar to most other modern Bluetooth headsets, pairing the AX2 is easy job, even without reading the manual coming with it (which by the way is very nicely done). While the device is off, holding the Talk key for a few seconds will put the AX2 in pairing-mode, which is indicated by flashing of the key in blue-to-red. The phone will find it as “Bluespoon AX2” and after entering the default key (0000) the pairing is over.
* an interesting fact is that even when was not in pairing mode, our unit was discoverable by other devices.

When an incoming call is received, the AX2 will notify you with its own ringtone played in the earpiece if you are not using the headset profile but the hands-free one. Unfortunately it is very low and in noisy environment you may miss it, if your phone is not near you to alert you with its ringer and vibration. This can be avoided with the Headset profile, which will bring you the phone's ringtone.
Pressing the Talk key will answer the incoming call, while holding it for a couple of seconds and releasing it will reject the call.

Once in a call, holding down both the volume up and down keys for about three seconds will mute your microphone, which can be deactivated by the same combination of keys pressed for another four seconds.

Pressing the Talk key in stand-by mode will bring the voice recognition of your phone up. You can then use voice commands/dialing (depending on your phone) to operate it, but it is recommended to have recorded the voice tags via the exact headset for proper recognition, unless your phone supports speaker-independent control of its menus.

Holding down the Volume Down key for four seconds will recall the last dial number. This will be indicated by a simple Beep sound.


The AX2 performance was good also when it comes to calling: its volume is high enough for even noisy environment, which is also due to the in-ear design of the soft rubber ear-piece. The incoming voices sounded realistic and clear with adequate power, but the sound volume was average on the other side. They still heard us clear and we were happy that neither of the party was disturbed by noise in the sound.

Although it doesn't feature DSP or other noise-reducing system, we tested the AX2 in artificial windy environment. It performed well, sharing the same results as other headsets from the very-small class, but it couldn't be compared to a headset with system for reducing the noise (including wind sound). Unfortunately, this means that while walking outdoor or in places with wind, the AX2 will be unusable, as people won't be able to understand you, deafened by the wind noise.

Noise Test


In range test it performed reasonably well compared to other small models, and so was the battery performance – 6 hours of continues talk time, which is 25% less than the 8 hours claimed by the manufacturer

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