Nextlink BlueSpoon AX2 Bluetooth Headset Review

The AX2 is one of the smallest headsets that are commercially available nowadays. It can be compared with other tiny models like the JX10 from Jabra and BH800 from Nokia. The colors used are black for the body and silver for the buttons. All of the edges are curved and the form is narrower at the front side resembling a spoon, after which is the name of the device: “Bluespoon AX2”.

AX2 next to Jabra BT250

The whole operation is done via three keys: you have a couple of silver volume keys at the top and bottom, symmetrically set around the horizontal axis. They are raised from the surface and moving your finger from back to the front part, you will feel them, and pressing them returns robust tactile feedback.
The front side houses a small circular transparent key that is the Talk button. Below it is two-color LED (red and blue), which is so powerful that may even be annoying when it's dark. Unfortunately it can't be turned off, unlike the Logitech Traveller that featured “Sleep Mode”.

On the back of the device is the miniUSB port used for connecting with the charger or the USB cable. As we've already mentioned, it also connects to the Neck carrying strap for secure carrying. Next to it is the battery door that slides out to replace the coin cell.

MDA miniUSB and AX2 miniUSB

In the inner piece, which touches the face, is situated the earpiece. The rubber piece and soft spring can be easily rotated in order to adjust it to the user's ears.

One of its main pros is the small dimensions and WEIGHT

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