The ear-piece reproduces sounds very accurately with full tonal range. The volume is a little bit on the low side - when maxed to 7 is it loud, but I definitely prefer it to be even higher. The speakerphone is with average quality – it is overall loud, but the sounds are somewhat muffled.

Battery life was just exceptional – we got a whooping 7.5h of continuous talk time, exceeding the rated time of about 4.8h. During our test of the talk time, I did not even have full signal. Please keep in mind that when testing talk time, the screen shuts-off, so if you use the web a lot of just play with the phone, you will definitely get a lot less then the 6h, since the screen draws a lot of power.


Currently priced at $299.99 with 2 year agreement, the i605 is one of the most expansive Nextel devices. Nevertheless, if dust/shock proof design with excellent features set is important for you, the i605 is a winner. The phone's large TFT screen is very easy to read with good contrast. Being one of the few iDEN devices to support Bluetooth, the i605 could be coupled with a wind-canceling headset for hands-free outdoor conversations. Overall, the phone is highly recommended.

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