Even though the i605 is business oriented model, it still features some basic entertainment options such as one pre-loaded Java game (Boulder Dash), Media Center and 1kTV. The phone I had for testing was a brand new unit and from a total of 11,724 kb total memory I still had about 10, 312 kb left free. If the phone had some type of a memory expansion slot,  I could have uploaded some MP3 to listen. Unfortunately, the 10 MB free memory can hold only about 3 songs. Nevertheless, the Media center still is capable of playing MP3, MIDI or AMR music bits.

1kTV provides late breaking headline news, important events, sports, entertainment, and weather reports that are updated throughout the day. It is similar to MobiTV or RealTV, but it does not actually show real-time programming. The cost is $5.95 a month (compared to $9.95 for MobiTV) and offers News, Weather, Sports, Showbiz, Movie reviews, Horoscopes, Laff Trax, New Music, Really Weird news and News channel in Spanish.


Location services is a term that most users have not heard of yet, but will become very familiar with in the future. It refers to any service that makes use of your location. The i605 comes with built-in assisted GSP receiver – meaning that your phone receives signals from one of the 30+ satellites that orbit the earth and calculates its exact position on Earth. In order for the A(ssisted) GPS to work, you need to have a clear line of sight with at least several satellites. The GPS feature itself will not do you any good. What you need is software which after knowing your position will be able to provide you with turn-by-turn direction or show where exactly you currently are. I605 comes with several of those applications – Trimble Outdoors, TeleNav 3.0 @Road. All can be used for a few days in a Demo mode, after that you'll have to subscribe. I especially liked the TeleNav application, which gives you voice turn-by-turn directions, allows you to search for a business, has compass etc. The cost varies and for unlimited use is about $9.95 per month (plus requires Nextel Data plan).

Even though the i605 does not feature any voice-feedback (reading the number which is calling, reading the current menu name etc), it still features the all necessary means to control your phone with voice. Voice dialing was pretty accurate and the Voice memo allows unlimited recording time (depending on the available memory). To use Voice commands, you'll have to go to the Shortcuts menu and then assign voice tag to a shortcut. Since the menus can not be re-arranged (for example I like to have Datebook somewhere on the top of the menu, you can use Shortcuts to easily access menus that are frequently used.

The i605 also provides excellent support for Profiles – or groups of settings saved together so that the user can apply them to the phone easily. The phone comes with several pre-defined profiles such as Standard, Car, Meeting, Office etc. New ones can be created, as well as the pre-defined ones can be modified. Overall, the i605 profiles are extremely extensive and allow you to customize almost all the settings – like the ring tones for calls, messages, alerts; the theme, wallpaper, backlight, auto-answer etc.



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