Messaging becomes increasing important, so I have paid special attention “Message Center” on the i605. Pretty much everything is standard – you have the Inbox with all the that have been sent to you, then Drafts and Sent Items. Unfortunately, the i605 does not support IMAP or POP3 external e-mail retrieval which in my opinion is a MUST. The user still can e-mail access, but you have to go to the Nextel's web center, and then access the E-mail and IM menu. From there you have a choice between Nextel or Yahoo email. Instant Messaging is also not a standard application, but a menu on the Web, so everything is considerably slower than and not as convenient as having a local application.


Connectivity-wise, the Motorola i605 is first phone to offer Bluetooth capabilities, while the RIM 7250 was the first device to feature this short-range wireless radio. During my test, the phone paired to my PC flawlessly (on the PC I have Microsoft Bluetooth adapter) and I had Serial Port and Dial-up networking available. With the appropriate software, you could wirelessly (within 30 feet / 10 meters) synchronize your phone with our PC.
Connecting Bluetooth headset was also a breeze. I tested a total of 3 different headsets – Plantronics M2500, Logitech .. and Scala 500. All headsets paired and operated flawlessly with the i605. The connection range and sound were excellent – a lot better compared to the HP 6315 that I currently use.
One started, the OpenWave browser takes you to the main  Nextel menu. From there you can download/order ring tones, games, check you e-mail or use AIM, MSN or Yahoo instant messaging. I have never been a fan of web-based applications, since they are very sluggish and usually not very eye-appealing. The Nextel's IM and e-mail are not an exception. It would have been a lot better if they have a java application for IM and E-mail.



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