It took me good 2-3 days to get used how to put on the headset. Once it is in place, you almost forget about it. Unfortunately, after several hours my ear would start to itch and feel some discomfort. Usually, after 3 hours I have to take out the headset for an hour, otherwise I would actually start to experience pain. I hope the engineers at Nextlink will be able to use some type of cushioning material for their next product, rather then the plain (although sturdy) plastic, which the current headset is made of.

Since the headset slips in your ear canal, it blocks most of the outside noises. The spring securely holds it in place; I could not get it off with any type of head movement. I had to actually pull it out. This is an advantage for people whose daily duties involve sharp movement activities such as jogging, running etc.

Sound Quality
The Bluespoon produces superb sound for its user. It sounds loud and clear. Since the headset sits in your ear canal, it blocks most of the annoying ambient noises and all you hear is the voice of the other party.

Outgoing sound is also clear most of the time. Unfortunately, if there is louder background noise, such as radio, TV or people talking around the user of Bluespoon, the other party will have a very hard time comprehending his words. In order to remove the protrusible microphone, the designers of Bluespoon made it so sensitive, that it easily picks up not only the user's voice but the background clamor as well. For instance, I was not able to use the headset in BestBuy or other busy stores. Another situation where the caller was not able to hear me well was when I was driving on a highway at more than 65 miles per hour, due to the noise inside the vehicle

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