The headset is relatively easy to operate. You can answer a call by pushing any one of the buttons. To start voice dialing, hold down one of the buttons for one second.

The cradle that comes with it is also very small. In order to charge the device, you put it in the middle of the cradle, and swing the blue clamp over it to hold it in place. The red LED on the cradle should come on. Most of the times this procedure worked well, nevertheless I had several instances in which the light would just flicker for a second and then turn off. In such cases, I had to swing the clamp back, remove the Bluespoon from the cradle and put it back again. Usually the second time the charging process would start properly.

Dislike Jabra's FreeSpeak headset, the Bluespoon's volume is not independent from the volume of the phone. In other words, if you increase the phone's volume, the headset volume also increases. I find this as an added convenience for the uses and I think every headset should have this feature.

Another problem that I ran into was several mysterious abnormalities - the headset would not power off, volume could not be adjusted, inability of invoke voice dial etc. After Nextlink advised me to reset the device, the problem went away. The same glitch appeared the next day again and after another reset the headset went back to normal operation mode. I have not experienced any problems since.

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