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The device is called Bluespoon since it closely resembles the shape of a tea spoon, without the handle. It is a little bigger then a US quarter and very light - only 0.335oz (9.5g). For comparison, an average Bluetooth headset weights from 0.7oz (20g) to around 1oz (30g). The entire construction of the headset feels very sturdy and durable. As a test, I intentionally dropped the device several times, and its operation or physical structure was not affected at all. The only part of the device that can be removed or bent is the spring which holds it in your ear. In total, provides 4 springs - two advertised as "hard", and two "soft" ones. I used the "spoon" with a "hard" spring for several days, but found that it caused excessive discomfort in my ear after several hours of use. I switched to the soft spring, which is a lot more conformable. All you have to do in order to change the spring is pull it out and plug the other one in. The headset is designed to be worn in the right ear only. We hope that Nextlink will be able to offer a 'left ear' version of the headset, in the future.

The device has 2 small dimples like buttons. They are not clickable, and are activated by a soft touch of your fingers. Since the buttons do not "click", the user does not receive feedback if they activated the button or not. Another issue is the positions of the buttons - on the outside of the headset. The problem becomes obvious if you have had the headset in your ear for more then 2 hours. At that time, I am already starting to experience moderate discomfort and if I had to answer a call or adjust the volume for instance, I would have had to push the headset against my ear which actually causes pain. In my opinion, the buttons should have been put on the side of the headset, so when you have to "push" them, you can hold the headset with two fingers.

There are also two LEDs, which light up in blue or red color. The blue beams light every 20 seconds in stand-by mode and every 10 seconds while you are talking. The red is used to notify you of low battery.

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