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NextLink Bluespoon AX Bluetooth headset review

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Although the headset contains 1 small mono speaker, its surprisingly both very loud and discreet. The ear bud isolates the speaker sound from surrounding area around the speaker into the 1mm diameter hole to the user's ear canal so that only the user can hear through the head set. The size of the surrounding earpiece is around 14mm and that the holes for the entering / exit sound areas are both 1mm in diameter. The AX lacks DSP (digital signal processing)


The location of the microphone is on the tip of head set. Overall size of this unit (5mm in diameter), is half the size of the speaker (10mm), and is very lacking. I had to shout so that the headset could hear my voice. Also, there is a noticeable echo when I speak into the microphone. In this case, I prefer using a wired headset. Although, there are 2 holes for the microphone, 1 on top of the head set, 1 on the tip/bottom of the unit, this design does not improve the microphone's ability to receive any audible sound(s).


Unfortunately, there is a lot to desire about the reception of the AX headset. A lot of times if I put the phone in my pant's pocket, the connection starts to break up. Compared to let say Jabra BT200, the AX is a lot worse. If there is a clear line of sight it does better, but still can not be compared to the Jabra.

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