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NextLink Bluespoon AX Bluetooth headset review

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There are numerous design flaws on the Bluespoon™ AX. One such flaw is the method of charging the headset. The only way to charge this unit is through the USB charging cable provided. Unless of course, you go to their website and order a wall charger.  NextLink's previous headsets used some sort of A/C wall charger.

Charging time for a completely drained battery is 50 minutes. When the battery is plugged in the USB charger, a  red LED light is lit. When fully charged, the LED light turns off. Users must have a computer with a USB port available or a USB wall charger to charge the battery. NextLink should of also included an A/C adapter along with the USB cable for maximum portability.

Battery life

Testing the battery life, I've paired the head set to my Nokia 3650 phone and to my computer (each paired separately). My computer Bluetooth® device is a Linksys Bluetooth USB Adapter (Class 1) : model # USBBT100.

Pairing to each device, phone and computer, the battery lasted about 3 ~ 3 1/2 hours!!! Hardly the 6 hours that the company advertises. On my phone, I spoke for 3 1/2 hours until the Bluespoon™ AX's battery ran out. On my computer, I watched 2 DVDs until the head set powered off (3 1/2 hours).

On standby mode, the battery lasted about 46 hours! You might be asking, how did I know it was exactly 46 hours? Well, during this testing procedure, I did not sleep and I had a constant eye on this headset (I checked every hour, on the hour to see if there were any battery power left).

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