Overall, we are happy with the unique N2 and its Neno interface. At first you might feel that there’s something wrong but in time you’ll get used to it and you’ll see that the work with the phone can be very effective although far from Nokia’s smartphones. Sadly, some programs require more time to load and this could be very annoying.  The other remark we have in this aspect is regarding the speed has to do with the slow file copying from and to the phone via ActiveSync. This could be avoided only if you connect the N2 as Mass Storage, but you’ll have to turn it off in order to do so.

The most important aspect of every phone is the sound quality during a call. We’ve seen many good phones that have disappointed us in this aspect and therefore have gotten lower scores. Neonode N2 does not fall in that group thanks to the good quality despite the sound being too loud.


We inspected this unique dwarf very carefully and it’s time for our verdict. Its main purpose is to attract attention which it does in a few ways. Besides the fact that it doesn’t look like a phone, you have to turn it around with its back towards your ear in order to speak. In addition, it performance as a multimedia player is not bad.

Since there’s no alternative to N2, it’s hard to recommend other such devices. Still, if you don’t think the phone isn’t for you, you can always turn to LG PRADA or Samsung Giorgio Armani  to get the attention of the crowd.

The review is based on a phone running software with version 2.1.552.5.


  • Unique
  • Very small
  • Good sound quality during a call and when listening to music with headphones


  • Display image quality is mediocre
  • Limited functionality
  • Awful joystick
  • There’s a serious lag when starting some programs
  • Not good for web surfing

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