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In order to get started, the Mōtrr app is required to initially pair it with our iPhone 5s. By simply twisting the bottom base of the Galileo, it’s automatically put into pairing mode. After briefly looking through the app, we soon realize that it’s nothing more than a centralized hub that aggregates other apps in the App Store that support the Galileo.

When we first received the Mōtrr Galileo, we were disappointed by the slim listing of supported apps – most of them explicitly mentioned supporting it, but they actually didn’t. After a couple of weeks, we decided to revisit them again, and to our amazement, we were astounded by the quick adaptation. Generally speaking, several of the apps listed that support the Galileo are paid apps – with a few scattered free ones. For our review, we decided to check out a couple of the free ones.


From breathtaking time lapse videos to spot-on 360-degree panoramic shots, the Galileo’s automated help truly enhances the iPhone’s capabilities.

Who doesn’t like free apps, right? Well, we paid close attention to two that we feel strongly shows off the true potential of the Mōtrr Galileo. First up is the Sphere app, which as its name so greatly implies, allows the iPhone to compose stunning 360-degree views with the aid of the Galileo – it’s similar to that of Android’s photosphere function. Honestly people, the Galileo makes it look so easy capturing these 360-degree shots, as the automated function of the Galileo catches everything with surprising accuracy. Once everything is stitched, we’re simply impressed by the superb quality – something that’s a heck of a lot better than trying to capture manually with the phone in our hands!

The other app we decided to check out is TimeLapse. Obviously, the name says it all. Using the Galileo, the app allows us to make some movie-like time lapse videos that condenses captured content into videos no longer than 15 seconds. After playing around the settings with the TimeLapse app, the Galileo is used to perform panning sweeps and tilts. The end result is breathtaking to watch, as 15 minutes of captured content is shrunken down to a video lasting no more than 15 seconds. From the busy atmosphere of the Flatiron district of New York City, to watching the clouds roll on by in the sky, the Galileo helps to capture some stunning time lapse videos – while taking the hassle out of us having us to sit and do the panning ourselves.

Beyond these two specific apps, there are several paid apps that continue to deepen the Galileo’s functionality. For example, the AirBeam app allows the Galileo to transform the iPhone into a real-time surveillance system where operators can orient the unit remotely. Based on what we encountered with the two aforementioned apps, we have to admit that we’re smitten by the wonders of what they Galileo can accomplish.


Honestly folks, the Mōtrr Galileo is one of those gadgets that normally wouldn’t come to mind as a must-have item for any iPhone owner – that’s until you actually see what it can do and grasp the possibilities. Our only complaint is that the Galileo only supports the iPhone. It’d be neat if its reach can be extended to other smartphones.

Sporting a price point of $150 online, the Mōtrr Galileo is without a doubt a pricey accessory. However, we feel as though it’s a warranted cost when taking into consideration its comprehensive offering. At the end of the day, it’s not too often that we fall in love with a gadget of this caliber – so we’d highly recommend picking it up if you’re serious about expanding your iPhone’s functionality.


  • Plenty of functions to appease a wide range of people
  • Great for taking panoramics/360 views
  • Automated panning gives a very smooth look with time lapse videos
  • More and more apps are supporting it


  • It only supports the iPhone

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1. reckless562

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2. shahulvm

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An article written for iPhone stand? Very nice Phonearena, your quality of articles are splendid..

4. Phullofphil

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If you don't like the site there is others. If you want to simplify it yeah hits a stand for another phone that has a chip and a battery. Simplify any thing and it looks like useless info. Maybe your just two arms legs and a head with eyes that don't see and a brain that don't think.........problu flagging this one but whatever I have had it with bad ado tides today

6. ngikngok

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what kind of moroon are you justifying his comment? maybe you just two arm idiot who can't type and spell correctly. jerk!

3. Droid_X_Doug

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Meh. It strikes me as a new take on a mount for holding your iPhone. Is it worth the $? IDK.

5. Phullofphil

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I think so as we'll. there is something unique about it if it goes with the look of where it would be sitting otherwise it's is just another gadget to hold something that for most people can just lay phone on table to be charged

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