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Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review

Motorola ic902 Deluxe

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The Deluxe features the same calendar we were fond of on the V9m. It comes preloaded with many holidays, and appointments can be added. These can be single or multi-day appointments, and can be set as a one-time incident or repeating occurrence. The alarm clock can handle up to 10 custom alarms, and the calculator offers an advanced mode that handle certain features like square roots, percentages and memory.

As they have in the past, Motorola utilizes VoiceSignal for their speech recognition software. It can be used to not only voice dial numbers and contacts, but also to check the status of items such as signal and battery and to initiate text and picture messages. It does not have dictation software however, so the user must type out the message using the keypad. As noted before the multi-function button of a standard wired headset will not launch the Voice Command, but a press and hold of the button on iDEN specialty headsets (the ones with the extra ring around the 2.5mm post) will launch it, as will a press of the multifunction button of a Bluetooth headset. Lastly, it can be launched via holding the talk key.

Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
Calendar - Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
Calculator - Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review




The Deluxe features the same tools set as the V9m, including a tip calculator and world clock, as well as a stop watch, currency and unit converter. It has 79MB of onboard memory, and supports microSD cards up to 2GB. Items such as music, pictures, videos and sounds can be stored on the memory card to free up system resources for the phone.


All the messaging options you would expect are present on the Motorola Deluxe. Text messaging uses the standard SMS gateway, while picture and video messaging are handled by Sprint’s Picture and Video Mail service. When content is sent it is also automatically uploaded a personalized Sprint website, a feature we rather like. Initiating, composing and sending a message is straightforward; from the contacts menu the user can initiate any of the three messages from the left softkey, or a message can be started from the messaging menu. Once a picture or video is taken the user is given the option to send it immediately.

Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review

Text input is offers either the standard abc mode, or the predictive “Word” method, a term other manufactures often use for T9 but here is actually is a slightly revamped version of Motorola’s iTAP. The only noticeable difference between this iteration of iTAP and standard T9 is that word options are selected via a drop-down menu initiated with the down arrow instead of hitting the 0 key to cycle through options.


The Deluxe is an EV-DO rev 0 phone, which means users can surf the web and download content at broadband speed. All data traffic runs over the CDMA network. Bluetooth is the older version 1.2 and the HFP, HSP, DUN, FTP, OPP, A2DP and AVRC profiles are supported. Headset paring was very simple, the Deluxe tries to auto pair using common passwords, and it was connected to the Motorola S9 and Plantronics 510 headsets in just a few seconds. When used as a headset sound quality was passable but not great, users sounded loud enough but there was often static and callers complained that we sounded “distant.” Music playback was much better, with sounds being rich and static-free.

File transfer via Bluetooth was ok. We were able to successfully push both images and music files to the phone, but objects could not be pulled and the phone does not give the user the option to send multimedia files. The only objects we were able to send were contacts. Files were sent to the internal memory and can only be found via the file manager. This means that pictures sent to the phone cannot be viewed in the My Albums option in the picture menu, even when moved to the memory card. Interestingly, audio files sent over Bluetooth could be set as ringtones but those transferred to the folder via memory card cannot. Both show up under the My Sounds option, but the Assign option disappears when an external memory sound is highlighted. Audio files sent over Bluetooth cannot be moved to external memory.


The Deluxe uses the Obgio WAP 2.0 browser found on most other Sprint handsets. It is a decent solution, and the Sprint portal allows for quick and easy navigation to most common destinations such as weather, news and sports. It does not handle HTML sites well however, and unfortunately like the V9m there were compatibility issues with Opera Mini. One annoying quirk of web usage is that the user is not given a predictive text option, so typing in web addresses and searches can be cumbersome. The web experience of the Deluxe was as good as can be expected from a non-smartphone.

Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. jim (unregistered)

this is one bad ass phone for all those that dont want to lose thier dc but want more than nextel can offer built well stylish but upgrade ur battery if u are going to listen to ur music

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