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Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review

Motorola ic902 Deluxe

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User Interface:

While the exterior may not be able to hide the Deluxe’s iDEN roots, inside the phone is all CDMA.  Nowhere in the software does the term “Nextel” appear, and the menu system is nearly identical to that found on Motorola’s other Sprint CDMA offerings.  CDMA users migrating to this handset will be right at home with the uiOne-based UI, but as the majority of owners will be coming from the iDEN side and this means that the interface will be totally new to them.  A new interface not inherently a bad thing however;  Motorola’s iDEN UI was far from simple and as features such as web and multimedia began appearing on the phones the menu system became more bloated, sometimes requiring three pages of icons.  Unfortunately, while this new UI is cleaner and better organized than its iDEN predecessor, it still suffers from the same flaws found in Motorola CDMA models, most notably a lag when buttons are pressed.

Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
The user will find just 12 top-level icons, all on the same page: Web, Call History, Media Player, Walkie-Talkie, Missed Alerts, Music, Messaging, On Demand, Pictures, Contacts and Settings/Tools.  As noted this menu layout is almost identical to other Power Vision phones, with the only difference being the addition of the Walkie-Talkie option which forced the combining of Settings and Tools.  The menu can be sorted in a grid, list or tab menu.  Again, menu items correspond to the key pad in grid view, but are rearranged in list and tab view making keypad navigation impossible without memorization.  Oddly enough, instead of putting the new menu item (Walkie-Talkie) in place of the merged item (Tools,) Motorola chose to put it in the normal position for On Demand and moved that down to the traditional Tools location.  As always, we continue to question the logic of Motorola software designers.

From the homescreen the left and right softkeys are preset to Favorites and Contacts and are not customizable.  The Favorites menu allows the user to assign up to 12 shortcuts to different menu items such as content, tools, web bookmarks, pictures/videos or actual menu items.  Utilization of this feature allows the user to be much more efficient with the phone.

Our previous experience with Motorola UI’s has been less than stellar, and the Deluxe is no different, with glitches and lag takeing away from the overall experience.  For instance, if the user quickly presses menu + a number (to launch a menu item) the number will be displayed on the screen as if dialed (and as if the menu button was not pressed,) however hitting the back key takes the user to the menu instead of the expected homescreen.  The user must wait for the menu to actually appear on-screen before using a keypad shortcut to get around the menu system, a rather annoying lag/glitch.  Also, as we have seen previously, actually selecting an item from a list of options with radio buttons is frustrating.  The user must navigate with the d-pad to highlight the intended item and then press the, center ok button to select the radio button, then press the left soft key to actually select said item.

Phone Book:

As it is nearly identical to the V9m, the phonebook on the Deluxe is very good.  It can hold up to 1000 entries, with up to five numbers, one DC number and an email address each.  Each contact can have a custom picture ringtone, and be assigned to preset or user generated groups.  You can also store a website, memo, birthday, job title, company and address as well.  You can search the phone book by name, and the phone supports multi-letter search.  The left softkey allows the user to directly send a message of any type to the highlighted contact, while the right brings up a full options menu including edit, select multiple contacts, send contact (via Bluetooth or Walkie-Talkie,) and a few others.

Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review
Motorola ic902 Deluxe Review

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Display2.2 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (182 ppi) TFT
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Size3.78 x 1.97 x 0.87 inches
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Battery1100 mAh, 3.5 hours talk time

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