Now, the most unflattering part about the handset can be found with it running Android 1.5 – which is by far it's biggest eyesore when you consider how all others are making Android 2.1 the minimum standard. And no, MOTOBLUR is not running on the handset, but the i1 does implement some elements from Moto's customization, which is evident in the lower area of the homescreen, where the app drawer, phone dialer, and contacts icons are found. This Android experience might be considerably new for ordinary blue collar workers, but it's surely boring and behind the pack in terms of visuals and presentation for regular Android users. Presented with only 3 homescreens to personalize with various widgets and icons, moving about them is pretty responsive, although there are some jerky movements at times. Overall, it's not the fastest experience on an Android phone we've seen thus far with some lag manifesting itself in certain situations, but it should prove to be tolerable for most people.

The handset will naturally accommodate your Gmail contacts, but unfortunately it lacks integration for different social networking accounts – while adding a contact is no different from other Android smartphones.

Composing a message is difficult to accomplish using its on-screen keyboards due to the limited real estate of the touchscreen. We found ourselves making plenty of typos with the portrait on-screen keyboard, but using the landscape option made for a slightly more enjoyable experience. However, you can blatantly realize its unresponsiveness if you're a casual texter as it struggles to keep up at a rapid pace. Setting up email is pretty simple and straightforward with it requiring only an address and password to automatically set up an account for the popular services out there. Naturally, there may be other pertinent information required, like server addresses, in order to properly set up a custom account. As we've noted, it lacks any social networking integration with its stock Android experience – so that means you'll be required to check out the Android market to download your favorites. Finally, there are few Sprint branded apps preloaded such as Sprint Football Live, Nascar Sprint Cup Mobile, Sprint Zone. As for third party apps, you'll find TeleNav GPS Navigator, Quickoffice, and Opera Mini on board.

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