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Motorola Z8 Preview

Motorola RIZR Z8

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Motorola Z8 Preview
Motorola Z8 Preview
Motorola Z8 Preview
The Camera interface reminds of old Motorola phones and the viewfinder takes about the half of the display. The options are shown in a text-based menu and include 3 sizes, 2 compressions, 7 modes, 5 color effects, 3 flash modes, sharpness levels, 6 white balance options and self-timer. The camcorder can take QVGA videos.

The Z8's is advertised for its multimedia capability. We are not sure it would do it as a multimedia-targeted phone but only time will show.

The first concern we have is that multimedia files must be put into a specific folder on the memory card in order to be found by the player. The folder is Media Files\ and then subfolders for Audio, Video or other types of files.

Music Player - Motorola Z8 Preview
Music Player - Motorola Z8 Preview
Music Player - Motorola Z8 Preview

Music Player

The files cannot be put into sub folders, because then they won’t be discoverable from the media player. All files must be directly in the default folders.

The music player will help you sort them by filtering them by artist or by album, or after putting them in Playlists. During a playback in addition to the information on the track, an Album Art cover is displayed but in very small size that it is almost useless. The sound played through the speaker of the phone is excellent but as only one speaker is built in, it is in mono and not stereo.

The volume is about the average, so you will not able to listen to it in noisy environment. To attach headphones, one must use the miniUSB port or use Bluetooth ones, through A2DP profile. Unfortunately, a WMA file which we got transferred from Windows Media Player on the computer didn’t played, as it is not supported format.

The Video Player is supposed to playback the high-quality video codec MPEG4 H.264 which the best on the market nowadays. Still, we are not sure what exactly are the limits of the phone, as we put two types of H.264 and none of them played. The first one was .MPG file with QVGA resolution, which we encoded on our own and the second one was .MOV file with 320x256 pixels resolution, downloaded from Apple site.

The standard H.263 video with QVGA resolution played with no problem and it looked pretty fine in fullscreen, although the limitations of this format.

Being a smartphone, it will be able to use applications written for the non-touch version of the OS but still there are none available. Current apps written for touch-capable UIQ will have to be optimized to work on the non-touch version of the OS but as the Z8 is currently the only phone of this type, it is controversial how many apps will be optimized. If Motorola, Sony Ericsson or other manufacturer introduce other UIQ phones without touch-displays, this type of OS will probably become more popular and applications for it will be prepared, but otherwise the functionality will be limited to the default one plus separate apps.

As the phone we are using is a prototype, we won’t comment on its performance for signal reception, battery times and call quality. The Operating System is also supposed to be optimized in the future and it wasn’t a strange when our Z8 crashed or lagged.

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Display2.2 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (182 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Size4.29 x 1.96 x 0.59 inches
(109 x 50 x 15 mm)
3.95 oz  (112 g)
Battery1030 mAh, 5 hours talk time

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