Office tools

Calculator, Date Book, Shortcuts, Voice command, Alarm clock and dialing services are under Office Tools.

I particularly liked the calculator application – the four directional keys are used for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction and the middle button is the equal.

The date book allows you to input any meetings, events you might have. Then you can switch between week or month view. The best results are achieved if you synchronize your phone with your Outlook / Palm software installed on the PC.

Shortcuts are very handy. I just love them. What they do is to allow the user fast and easy access to menus that are used a lot. All you do it go to a menu and hold the “MENU” key. You will be asked if you want to create shortcut. Next time you want to access this menu all you have to do it to click on the “MENU” button the number you associated with it.

Voice Records allow you to save short voice memos. The problem is that it allows you to save a total of 1 minutes of recording. This is a complete joke. It should have been many at least 20 minutes in my opinion. If you are someone like me that likes to record thoughts etc, look elsewhere.

I love the alarm clock. Unlike my Nokia 3650, which only supports one alarm, with V600 you can have as many alarms as you want. In addition, you can enable or disable any of the alarms you have with only one click - for example if you do not want to get up at 6am, you click on your 6am alarm and it is disabled but not deleted. To enable it, just click on it again.

Games and Application

Motorola V600 comes with two games pre-installed and ability to install additional games or application (J2ME/Java). The screen has high refresh rates which makes the games very enjoyable to play - no ghosting effect is noticed even when playing fast paces games.

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