Message Center

Message center is the main console for sending/reading SMS, MMS and email messages (IMAP and POP).

Both MMS and SMS messages are stored under one box. Feature that I used to like when I was using Motorola as my primary phone is the ability to scroll from one message to the next after you reach the end of the first one.

The MMS capability allows you to send and receive image, text, audio and video messages to compatible phones (only to users with the same provider as you have) or PCs. The maximum limit of a MMS is around 100kb, reached when you attach around 3 pictures taken with the V600 camera at 640 x 480 pixels resolution.

The predictive text input method as in all Motorola phones is iTAP. Predictive input can be done in English, French or Spanish. The newest version of iTAP offers some new features that make it probably as good as the overwhelmingly used T9 software. For example,when you are typing, just as you would with T9, iTAP tries to complete the word and shows its suggestion as grey letters after the cursor. If the suggestion is right, you hit the UP key on the directional keypad and you can continue with the next word.

Settings menu allows you to personalize your phone, change connectivity settings, Network, Security and more.

From here you can change the clock (analog or digital) and re-assign functionality to the soft-keys and the four directional keys. Additionally, you can change the color style, re-order the main menu items, select different wallpapers or screen saver.

The phone can be personalized with 5 different ring styles – loud, soft, vibrate, vibrate and ring and silent. One thing that I truly hate about all Motorola phones is how they have carried out the vibe & ring solution. Once you get a call, the phone will start to vibrate first for several seconds, and then it will start ringing. By that time, I have only several seconds left to get to my phone. Why the phone can not vibrate and ring in the same time? Motorola, please do something about this!
From Ring Styles you can also change the color of the Moto "Situational light" and you can turn on and off event lights. Event lights is simply using Moto logo light to show different event status – for example when Bluetooth is connected to the phone, the Moto logo light starts to glow blue.

Connections item managers the Bluetooth connections and the remote synchronization feature. Keep in mind something about Bluetooth connection – in case you want to send an image from your V600 to a different phone, you will have to select “COPY” since there is not send function. I've seen some reports stating that Motorola V600 can not send images / ring tones via Bluetooth. This is not correct. I've done it and it works perfectly fine.

I tested the Bluetooth operation with my Jabra BT200 headset. The setup process was very easy and problem free. The audio quality was clear and the connection held up with moderate distances. The phone supports both the hands-free and the handset profiles.

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