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I'll characterize the GUI (Graphic User Interface) as concervative - except for the main menu icons and some few other exceptions, animations are not present (unlike the Samsung models which GUI is very animated and interactive).  

The way the main menu is visualized can be changed from an icon grid to a list format. Overall the menus are consistent and once learned are easy to navigate. If you are used to Samsung's menu style where you can press a number to go to a menu, then another number to go to a sub-menu (press 2 to go to messages, then press 3 to go to Inbox etc), you will disappointed because Motorola does not support this functionality. On the other hand, they have “Shortcuts” – or one key menu access. This works in the following way: to go to a function that you usually use a lot, then press and hold the MENU key. This will crease a shortcut to this particular function. Then you have just to press MENU and the number under which you saved it. Very convenient.




It is similar to the PhoneBook of Motorola T720 but picture ID support is added. Contacts can be grouped by Name, Speed #, Voice Name or Email. There is also pseudo support for multiple numbers per name. I say pseudo, because actually there is separate entry for every number. Lets say you add John's home phone number, then want to add also his Work number. The phone will add the new number, but then it will be displayed as separate entry. This has also good sides – you can assign different voice-dialing for the home or work numbers.

Separate ringtones can be assigned to callers and different tones to denote incoming messages, reminders etc.

An issue I had with the phonebook was lack of "Search" feature - I have around 200 phonebook contacts, and for example if I wanted to find David P. in my contacts, I could only press "D" and I'll see all contacts that start with "D". The problem is that I have around 20 contacts that start with "D" and I have to scroll and search visually for the number I need. It would have been a lot easier to be able to type D, then A and see all contacts that start with "Da".

The second issue that I had with the phone book was the inability to select all sim card contacts and copy them to your phone memory. You have to select every single one by one and then copy them. A select all feature would have been greatly appreciated.


The voice-dialing system worked overall well. You have to record the name twise which presumably improves the dialing accuracy.




Next menu option is Recent Calls. Nothing new and exciting here – just the usual list of dialed, received calls, call times, data times and data volumes. . What I didn't see was missing calls. I like the nokia's way of separating received from missed calls. With Motorola, they are both under received.


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