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Motorola V265 review

Motorola V265 / V276 / V266

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Reception: Something I enjoy a lot about this phone is the reception! I was pleasantly surprised at the great reception that this phone gets. I traveled 2,000 miles from Chicago to San Francisco (in a car) and had great reception most of the time. This is partly due to Verizon, but this phone also did well. My passenger also had Verizon, yet at times I had a couple bars and she had none!

Battery: The battery life on this phone is average. I am still stuck charging it every night. I think we may be past the day of our phones last for more than 24 hours! I do use my phone a lot though.

Sound Quality: When the phone is working properly, it sounds great! However; this specific phone has had a very bad history of the speaker going out after four months of use! I personally had to trade in the phone for a new one. I was forced to use the speaker phone for all my calls, due to the speaker not working.

I alluded to the speaker phone earlier. This is one feature that I truly enjoy! Driving down the road I usually have my phone in my lap using the speaker phone (If I do not have a headset). The a/c could be on full blast, yet I still carry on conversations and can hear and am heard! Motorola definitely gets kudos for this feature. The sound quality is excellent for the speaker phone!


The v265 has a good combination of essential features. The call quality is good and has a decent battery life. The essential features are great, but the “extras” just do not cut it. If you are just looking for a solid, good-looking phone, you have it. But if you are addicted to having the newest technology with all the “bells and whistles”, you will not be happy with it! For the price, it is a great deal for what you get.

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  • Reception
  • Price
  • Stylish Look
  • Voice Activated Dialing
  • Speaker Phone
  • Voice Memos
  • Loud Ring Tones  


  • Phone Book Entries (One number per name)
  • Screen Size and Quality
  • Feels Cheap
  • Pathetic Camera
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Display128 x 128 pixels STN
Camera0.3 megapixels VGA
Size3.60 x 1.80 x 0.90 inches
(91 x 46 x 23 mm)
3.90 oz  (110 g)

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