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Motorola V265 review

Motorola V265 / V276 / V266

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Voice Activated Dialing (VAD)

Motorola really did a top-notch job on this feature! I am very impressed with it. You do not need to prerecord nametags as we did in times past.  You simply press a button, say which command you want (Name Dial, Digit Dial, Camera, Voicemail, Redial, Received) and you follow the instructions.  For example (after pressing the VAD external button) a female voice says, “Say a command.”  You say “digit dial.”  The phone responds, “Say the number.”  You reply back with the phone number and the phone verifies that it recognized correctly then calls.  Ok, that did seem like a long process, but it is really not!  I assure you.  This is a life saver while on the road with a headset.  And yes, it can be activated with the flip closed with a headset. This is by far, the best in any phone that I have ever tested.

Motorola V265 review

Voice Recorder

When you press and release the right side button, you access the VAD.  However, if you press and hold the button you access the voice recorder.  This is a nice feature if you need to record a short memo, phone number, or your grocery list.  You must hold the button for the duration of the memo.  Do not get this confused with a conversation recorder.  This only records voices going into the microphone of the phone, not what is coming out of the speaker. 

Motorola V265 review

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