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Motorola V265 review

Motorola V265 / V276 / V266

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Inside Display: The screen has much to be desired.  The 65,536 colors with the 128x128 pixels just do not do it for me.  It is not bright enough, and the screen size is way too tiny.  On the other hand, with the lack of brightness and the smaller screen, it does save battery power.  If vibrant, bright colors are not important to you, this phone will work for you.

External Display: The display gives basic information such as: time, signal strength, battery status, and GPS indicator.  Very easy to read and it has a nice backlight.  One thing it lacks is the date.  I used that a lot of my previous phones.

Motorola V265 review
Motorola V265 review

Phone Menus

The menu is very easy to access (middle soft key) and very easy to use.  You have a choice of viewing the menus with icons or just text.  I use the text option.  I find it easier to use and get where I am going.  There are nine different menu items: Contacts, Recent Calls, Messaging, Get It Now (Verizon Customers), Mobile Web, Media Gallery, Settings, Tools, and Phone Info.

Contacts: You can store up to 500 names.  Under these names you can store only one phone number and one email address.  This is inconvenient when someone has multiple phone numbers (home, office, pager, and fax).  You have to create an entire new name for them. (Notice on the image “Dad” is listed twice.  One number is for his work and one for his home)

Motorola V265 review

Recent Calls: All the numbers (outgoing, incoming, missed) are all bunched together.  The only way to tell the difference is a small icon that is difficult to remember. 

Motorola V265 review

Messaging: This is where you access all text, voicemail, and picture messages.  They also have a “Quick Text” feature which has prewritten messages to text.  I have never used it; it is easier for me to just type it.  You can add your own, so you might want to actually use it.

Get-It-Now: This is a service through Verizon that you can download anything from ring tones to Mapquest!  There are no games preloaded on this phone, so you must pay for your entertainment.  The games are fun to kill time, but if you are a serious gamer, get a PSP.  The games look so-so.  What do you expect from a screen of this size, clarity, and brightness? 

Motorola V265 review
Motorola V265 review
Mobile Web: I do not like the web on this phone.  The screen is just too small, but what phone really does have a big enough screen to browse the web enjoyably? 

Motorola V265 review

Media Gallery: You can access your camera, look at your pictures, and listen to what ring tones and sounds that you have on your phone.

Settings: This is where you are able to access all the core settings on the v265.  Ring tones, security settings, network settings and much more. 

Motorola V265 review

Tools: They include: calculator, date book, voice recorder, and an alarm clock.  Out of all the phones that I have tested, I really like this calculator the best, very easy to use.  The date book could use some work, but it is usable.  Voice memos are easily added using this feature. I use the alarm clock every day.  There are two things that I really like about the alarm clock. 1. It works 2. Snooze button!  You would be surprised the phones that just stop working once in a while and most do not have the snooze button!

Motorola V265 review
Motorola V265 review

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PhoneArena rating:
Display128 x 128 pixels STN
Camera0.3 megapixels VGA
Size3.60 x 1.80 x 0.90 inches
(91 x 46 x 23 mm)
3.90 oz  (110 g)

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