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Motorola V265 review

Motorola V265 / V276 / V266

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The exact dimensions of the phone are:

Motorola V265 review
Motorola V265 review
Motorola V265 review

The phone has four buttons on the ourside.  Three are located on the left side of the phone and one on the right.  With these buttons you can do a few different features.  First you can change what “mode” the phone is in.  With the push of a button (left buttons) you can change from five different modes: Soft (Quiet Ringers), Vibrate (No audio ringers or reminders),  Vibe&Ring (First will have a series of vibrations then rings),  Silent (No audio or vibration), and Loud (All tones are louder).  All of these “profiles” can be customized to your ring tone selection and volume.  It is very nice since you do not have to open the phone to change the mode. Very useful! The button on the right side is not used with the phone closed unless you have a headset connected, in which you can activate the VAD (voice activated dialing. Very nice as well!

Motorola V265 review
Motorola V265 review

The camera is located on the front as well.  There is no cover for the lens so it is open to the elements.  However, the lens is indented back a little so it is not as easy to scratch. 

Motorola V265 review


The external display is not color, but definitely compliments the phone.  The background is black with a silver font. 

The top has the headset jack and a removable antenna. (Antenna should remain in
place or you may experience poor reception).  The headset jack has a rubber cover so nothing gets into the jack.                      

Motorola V265 review



The phone has a cover on the back.  Unlike some of the phones you see with a battery/cover combo, this has a separate cover from the battery.  This is strictly a personal preference.  I feel it protects the battery better. 

An issue that I have with this phone is kind of feels cheap.  It is made entirely out of plastic and it feels that way!  Some phones just have a better feel to them.  I noticed how easy it was to scratch the silver portion, while the black areas just showed every finger print.  I admit, I am very ruff on phones so it may just be my treatment of it!

Motorola V265 review



The interior has the same color scheme with as the exterior (black and silver).  The blue-lit keyboard is easy to see in the dark and looks great.  I have an issue with the lighting though.  It shuts off at random times, even if you push a button.  I have found if you cover the “*” key, the keypad will remain lit.  There apparently is a light sensor around that button that detects if the light is needed.  Interesting, but I hate it!  Good concept though.  I have found it to not light up when I need it, and there is no disabling it!

Motorola V265 review

The keys are spaced nicely and raised just a little from phone.  The right and left side keys are a trapezoid (a rectangle with diagonal sides) in shape.  The center buttons are regular rectangles.  The SEND and END buttons are actually switched around like normal phones.  Motorola has had a past of having the buttons opposite of the industry standard. (SEND on right, END on left). 
Directional Button: The directional button is very easy to use and customizable.  I love it!  Instead of being stuck with unchangeable factory presets, you make a shortcut to what you actually use. 

Motorola V265 review
Motorola V265 review


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