Motorola Roadster Review

Working on the road can easily take its toll on people, especially when you’re bogged down by incomprehensible conversations through your Bluetooth headset, but with the company of the Motorola Roadster, it can seemingly mend things in the car...
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1. Delguy unregistered

Bought one of these last January and it worked fine for about two months. Now, although the battery is fully charged, it refuses to even turn on. I threw it in the trash in disgust, because it was a distraction to try to get it to work while trying to drive. Motorola undoubtedly uses the same firmware in other bluetooth devices, so my advice is to stay away from Motorola altogether.

2. Motorola Guy unregistered

I have had a T505 Motorola for the past 2 years. It works great. I bought the Roadster and was going to pass on the T505 to my wife. But I changed my mind. The older T505 performs significantly better than the Roadster. I had challenges with voice recognition with the Roadster and the performance of the FM transmitter pales in comparison with the T505. I have decided to keep the T505, return the Roadster and purchase the now discounted T505 for my wife instead..

3. lwpglp

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 12, 2012

Own one now and would not recommend. At first, it always said it was pairing and then provided battery level. Last two months after it connects it asks "What would you like to do?" I reply "cancel" and most times, it accepts the cancellation. However, on more than occassion, it continues to ask the same question even after accepting the cancellation command. Often repeats 4-5 times a minute until I turn it off and allow it to reset. Not recommended.
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