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Motorola Razr V3 review

Motorola RAZR V3

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The RaZr offers a WAP browser, email client and Bluetooth radio for connecting to the internet, accessories, or your computer. Additionally it has a mini USB connector, but I did not have any software or cables available to test this ability.

Motorola Razr V3 review


The very large screen of the RaZr makes it very nice to use as a WAP enabled phone. The beautiful screen is extremely large for such a small phone...the largest of any small phone I have ever used..... and the 262,000 colors make it very easy on the eyes with large fonts and little pixelation.


Motorola Razr V3 review
Motorola Razr V3 review
Motorola Razr V3 review
Motorola Razr V3 review

The RaZr's email client was setup to use my Tmobile internet2 account. Setup, although not for the un-initiated, was uneventful and the RaZr downloaded my email at 30 minute intervals like a champ, never once crashing or locking up the phone...even while surfing the internet...it just suspends the browser, downloads and then goes about its business....very good initial firmware working here.


The RaZr is supposed to be using a high powered Bluetooth standard with long-range ability. I cannot say it is or it is not, but I can tell you that the headset performance with this phone is exceptional. No scratchiness, breakup or loss of voice quality no matter where you have the phone...be it your pocket, briefcase, etc.... I have not yet tested the range of the RaZr to headset, but will do some work on that later when I have Amy's K700ii available for a side by side comparison. I paired the RaZr with my NextLink Digital BlueSpoon with Zero problems...they work great together with all features supported.

Motorola Razr V3 review

The only problem I have with the RaZr and this is a big problem is that Motorola has once again tied its products together with a propriatal performance lock. Although the RaZr works great with the Digital...it will only hold the connection for about 15 minutes of inactivity before automatically dropping the connection. The HF-800 though, remains connected until manually disconnected or by separating the devices with enough distance to break the connection.

Connection with other devices was very easy and worked really well, transferring photos to my laptop, or transferring contacts from my P900, MpX, K700i to the RaZr. I also transferred a 2mb video file from my laptop to the RaZr with zero problems. Great Bluetooth performance with the exception of Motorola's insistence on tying its products together for optimal performance.

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Display2.2 inches, 176 x 220 pixels (128 ppi) TFT
Camera0.3 megapixels VGA
Size3.85 x 2.08 x 0.54 inches
(98 x 53 x 13.9 mm)
3.35 oz  (95 g)
Battery680 mAh, 6.5 hours talk time

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