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Motorola Razr V3 review

Motorola RAZR V3

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The Razr is the second Motorola phone I have used that has an internal antenna and the first little phone from Motorola that I have used extensively. My previous experience with the V60, V70 and V600 have always spoiled me in regard to the RF quality of Motorola phones. The V3 RaZr is no exception. Its RF qualities are very, very good. It has excellent reception and holds to calls in the Motorola manner. Although I don't find its RF performance to be quite as good as the Sony/Ericsson K700i...(which I consider the best I've used) it will definitely not disappoint in this regard.

Battery life was very good with the RaZr despite an early review from some Russian site... All I can guess is that they had a rough prototype or a bad battery. My RaZr lasts all day and well into the evening before needing a charge and that's with about 3 hours of talk time per day.... its better than the K700i, although that could be because of the animated themes I use with the K700i..

Call quality of the RaZr is also very good with a very loud speaker and natural sounding reproduction of the caller's voice. Again, typical Motorola from my experience. Speaker Phone performance was exceptional...and I attribute this to the phone's stereo speaker system It is very, very loud without breakup. I believe all companies would benefit from using this in their phones to increase the quality and volume of the ringers and speaker phone function. It is kind of like the Bose system of a creating a stereo effect while using a central sound chamber and the reason for the RaZr's unique looking base - the front slits appear to be the microphone but are in fact the speaker, with another speaker on the back...(see the small microphone hole to the right by the # key) I may be entirely wrong about thisÂ…., but I don't think so...

Motorola Razr V3 review
Motorola Razr V3 review

Mp3 ringtones are supported and can be set for all alerts, alarms, etc....in addition to ringtone....

The RaZr's keys will be very familiar to the fans of Motorola's Clamshell phones... On the right top edge you will find the "volume/ringer" key and below that the "Smart Key" when viewed with the clamshell closed....

Motorola Razr V3 review

On the other side of the phone you will find the "Voice Dial" key as well....

Motorola Razr V3 review

These keys are chrome and are of a different design to the ones on my V600 which are plastic and smaller.

The keyboard has soft keys as well which are fully programable along with the D-Pad....but the biggest suprise and most pleasant one for me is the relocation of the "Send" "End" keys to the proper....at least for me...sides. Additionally the RaZr has dedicated keys above the Send/End keys for "Internet Browser" and "Messaging" applications...

Motorola Razr V3 review

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