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Motorola Rapture VU30 Review

Motorola Rapture VU30 7

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Home screen - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Slick black - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Vapor - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review

Home screen

Slick black



The menu layout is identical to the W755, with categories for media center, messaging, contacts, recent calls, and settings & tools.  However, only 3 themes are included (classic, slick black and vapor) which are 2 less than the W755.  Out of these choices, the slick back and vapor themes looked the best, but they do have some on-screen lag while using the d-pad.  There is also the option to have the main menu layout changed between tab, list, and grid view.

The Phonebook allows up to 1000 entries to be stored, each with their Name, Mobile 1, Home, Work, E-Mail 1, Group, Picture, Ringtone, Mobile 2, Fax, and E-Mail 2.  After a contact is saved, you can assign them to one of 99 speed-dial locations.

Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Motorola Rapture VU30 Review

Camera interface - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Camera interface - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review

Camera interface

One nice feature on the Rapture VU30 is the 2MP camera, allowing you can take pictures with the flip open or closed.  When it is in the closed position, the external display is used as the viewfinder, and has touch-sensitive icons in the corners for the zoom and changing between portrait and landscape mode.  What’s surprising is that images taken outside during the day have good detail and color representation, equaling that of the V9m, which is actually better than the more expensive Krave.  Images taken indoors don’t fair as good, with them having less detail and noticeable grain being shown.  A flash is also lacking; meaning low-light images are impossible to take. 

Camera settings:
Resolution:  1600x1200, 1280x960, 640x480, 320x240, Picture ID
Self Timer:  Off, 3 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec
Brightness:  -2, -1, 0, +1, +2
White Balance:  Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Darkness
Shutter Sound:  Shutter, Silent, Quack, Boing
Color Effects:  Normal, Antique, B&W, Negative
Fun Frame:  9 choices
Switch Storage Device:  MicroSD card, Phone

Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Outdoor samples - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Outdoor samples - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Outdoor samples - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review

Outdoor samples

Strong light - Indoor samples - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Medium light - Indoor samples - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Low light - Indoor samples - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review

Strong light

Medium light

Low light

Indoor samples

Another area where the Rapture is identical to the W755 and V9m is with the included music player, as all three have the same outdated user interface.  But this is where the similarities end, as the playback quality of the Rapture was not as good.  Voices and strings have a “tin can” sound to them, and no bass could be heard.  Also, when turning the volume to high, noticeable distortion and rattling in the speaker is produced.  Because of this, we’d recommend using a Stereo Bluetooth headset or wired earbuds to achieve higher quality music playback.  When the flip is
closed, you can use the touch-sensitive areas on the display to play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward.  Those looking for the best music-phone should consider the Chocolate 3, as it has a more advanced player and allows you to listen to music while performing other functions.

Music player - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
Music player - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review

Music player

VCast Video - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review
VZ Navigator - Motorola Rapture VU30 Review

VCast Video

VZ Navigator

Other software features include Mobile Web 2.0, VCast Music downloads, VCast Video streaming, and VZ Navigator for GPS guided directions.  You can also download a wide variety of games and other programs using the Media Center.  Applications open fast and there is no noticeable delay when using them.  The only problem that we encountered (just like with the W755 and V9m) was when using the Mobile Web program and going to large HTML sites, such as PhoneArena.com.  The page would stop partway during download and display an “insufficient memory” error message, causing us to view the page without most graphics.  When going to smaller sites (Google) or WAP pages, the browser was able to work without problem.

A total of 67MB of internal memory is included, with almost 32MB used out of the box, leaving only 35MB available to the consumer.  This is almost 30MB less available memory than on the W755, which is puzzling to us since the Rapture is a step above.  But unlike the W755 that can only use 4GB memory cards, the Rapture is capable of using 8GB cards, allowing it to hold twice the data for MP3s and pictures.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. vzwemp (unregistered)

you know, sometimes i agree with you, sometimes i dont. this is one time where i have some grievences. the 755 wasnt a razr2 replacement, it was more of an updated razer1. the V9m was a hunk of crap. i dont care how good it "felt" in build quality, that phone fell apart at your fingertips, if you could even keep it charged to use it. that is one of the only phones that got returned as much as a Glyde. While, i cant say if there is anything wrong with this one (damned if you can find someone to buy it for the $180 pricetag when a voyager is now $180) I can say that it is difficult to use. Those "designer" buttons lay flush with the phones skin and are difficult to press quickly. Another Fail by Motorola.

posted on 17 Nov 2008, 12:58

3. (unregistered)

Speaking of crap! I have used the RAZR2 since the day they came out at VZW. It is a shame that VZW took it out of it's line up. You must be one of those VZE employees that makes customers cringe. Besides, this review is about the VU30, not the 755, the Glyde or Voyager.

posted on 17 Nov 2008, 09:46

2. (unregistered)

The review said that the Rapture has "more features" than the W755. And what would those features be? They do the exact same thing. Both are music players that support bluetooth, mp3s and wma, vz navigator, vcast and vcast song id, and bluetooth stereo. Both also have some menus available on the OUTSIDE of the phone by pressing sensors. It may have the thin form factor that the V3 series had but the w755 is in now way a replacement for that series. When looking at your size comparison picture ( Rapture, W755, Gleam, Chocolate 3 ), only the Chocolate 3 has "more features". It has the ability to access FULL menus and text messages on the outside screen and has a built in FM transmitter. Now THAT'S more. And another thing, the Rapture doesn't feel cheaply made. That honor goes to the Gleam, which feels like the plastic will come unglued when you press the keypad... not to mention the lousy and cheaply built frame.

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Display2.2 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (182 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Size3.90 x 1.90 x 0.67 inches
(99 x 48 x 17 mm)
3.40 oz  (96 g)
Battery950 mAh, 4.5 hours talk time

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