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Motorola RAZR2 V9m Review

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Motorola RAZR2 V9m Review

Applications generally load quickly, though as we noted earlier they are prone to hang and require a restart. Because of things like this the performance of the phone as a whole was disappointing. The numerous annoying quirks and glitches at times make using the V9m downright exasperating. The very first time we started the phone it hung during the splash animation, an ominous sign that proved to be prophetic. The menu lag from the Sprint V3m and K1m has been reduced, but the user is painfully reminded that it is still there. At times the phone will hang and the user cannot tell if a button press has been registered or not, which results in multiple presses when not needed and added frustration. While the phone acts as it should 90% of the time, the remaining ten percent is too prevalent to overlook and greatly detracts from the overall user experience. When paying $250 for a phone on contract we expect it to work as advertised.

The V9m is rated for 3.7 hours of continuous talk time, and in our testing we were able to achieve a few minutes above this rating. However, during the testing the phone dropped the call twice in a frequent use area where we have had no signal issues whatsoever in the past. The first time we wrote it off as an anomaly, but the second time does concern us. Still, sound quality was excellent, and even when on a Bluetooth headset callers reported that we sounded loud and clear. The speakerphone is loud, and even at the highest level there is little to no distortion.


The MotoRAZR2 V9m from Sprint is a beautiful phone loaded with features, including a 2mp camera, wireless music downloads and a very useable 2” external QVGA display. Unfortunately, its function does not follow its breathtaking form. This ultra slim, ultra sleek phone does a great job at appealing to the fashion conscious crowd, but it fails to deliver as a stable phone for the rest of us. For now the RAZR2 is full of software glitches, quirks and all around frustration that make using the phone a maddening experience.

The ratings below are for the Sprint version of the Motorola V9m. They may differ from the Verizon Wireless version as the ratings are based on the way the phone performs, compared to the whole product line of its carrier.


  • Beautiful styling, ultra slim
  • 2MP camera
  • 2 inches external QVGA display that can be used to watch Sprint TV
  • Above average battery life for such a thin phone


  • Poor software design
  • Battery must be removed to access microSD
  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Expensive, but not innovative
  • microUSB connectors hard to find, no headset or adapter included
  • Did we mention the software drives us crazy?
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