Working with the phone is pleasant – overall the browsing through the menu is fast. It takes a little longer when starting the camera or opening pictures, especially when it is a larger picture. The loading of the Java applications is normal for a phone of this class and it is neither fast nor slow. The RF performance of the phone is strong and in places where other phones struggle, the V3i has no problems.

The sound of the melodies is strong and good, the MP3 files sound clear and pleasant. Besides that the vibration is above the average level and it is hard to miss a call even in a noisy environment. On a call, the sound is strong and clear, if you place the phone accordingly. During the test I noticed, that if I slightly misplace that headphone the sound level drops much lower, since the sound apparently is highly directed. The microphone is strong and the people you are talking to hear you without any extra noise. The battery held up for about 2-2.5 days with a little usage of the phone. It would be hard to keep it for 3 days without recharging, but it all depends on the usage. The battery will be fully charged for about 2 hrs on the charger.


V3i is a proud descendant of the RAZR series – phones which do not have the ambition to gather all technical miracles, but to be stylish. The thin body is of very good quality and beautifully reflects light, and besides that is solid and there are no irritating sounds. Combined with a beautiful and large color display on the inside, which is easily personalized with different themes, the phone is one little stylish jewel, which even has multimedia capabilities such as mega pixels camera which can record video and a music player with additional memory.

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  • Stylish design and good production in a thin profile
  • Bright and large display; personalization with themes
  • Music player, which can work on the background  


  • Cannot reject calls if the clamshell is closed
  • No missed calls or messages reminder, besides the displays
  • 1.23 mega pixels is small and lots of phones have far better cameras
  • No standard port for headphones, which limits the choice

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