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Motorola V3i is a middle sized clamshell phone with an internal antenna and a stylish design with slightly rounded corners. The size and the weight were kept like those of the V3, despite the more functions of the new phone. The surface is shiny, made of metal and high quality plastic, all in the color of metal, beautifully reflecting the light that falls on it. Around the external display and the mega pixels camera there is a black shiny surface, which sadly attracts finger prints and it's hard to keep clean, which makes it hard to see the display and worsens the quality of the pictures taken by the camera. Because of the high quality materials used on the phone, the surface is not easily scratched and even if you try to purposely harm it, it will keep the good look and will not affect the stylish design. A bit of a bad impression is left by the hinge on the clamshell, which is made out of black plastic like the one around the keyboard and the internal display, which takes away from the metal finish and adds a “plastic” feeling associated with cheaper models.

The second RAZR is comfortable for handling both opened and closed. When closed the side keys located on the uppers shell are easy to reach giving you the option of using voice commands and changing profiles. Since the keys are on the shell that holds the displays, when opened they are hard to use, because of the movement on that side. There should not be any problems using the phone with both left and right hands, although the right handed will have the advantage of easier use of the side keys, because of their location. Opening the phone is much harder without using both hands, since there is no mechanism similar to the PEBL for example, where the upper shell opens-up by itself. Closed, the phone is small enough and mostly thin (0.6”), and it easily fits even in a tight jeans pocket, where it will even move around. It could comfortably be put in a purse as well, where it would turn into a stylish piece of accessory.

Besides the plastic hinge, another note that we have is about the slight difference between the colors of the front shell + the battery cover, and the main frame of the phone. Since they are clearly made out of different types of materials, the shades of the paint are different, which takes away from the “supreme phone” feeling.

Besides that, the phone is solid and there are no irritating sounds or movements that could compromise your pleasure of using a “metal” phone. Opened, the upper shell almost doesn't move in horizontal direction. The same goes for the battery cover, unless you want to open it, sliding it out, and not up. The V3i is made solid and high quality, typical for its class.

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