The Messaging screen is categorized into three sections, Text Messaging, MMS, and New E-Mail Account. Text Messaging is nothing new and works just like most other phones, by entering in the recipients cell number or E-Mail address and typing the message with the QWERTY keypad. MMS is almost identical, except it allows you to attach a picture, video, or audio file with the message. For normal E-Mail use, you begin by entering the E-Mail address in which you want to setup an account for. It will first try to automatically setup the account by gathering the POP/IMAP/SMTP information from the web. If it cannot find the required information, it will ask you to manually enter in the incoming Mail Server address (POP/IMAP), Username, Password, and Outgoing SMTP. Once the E-Mail account is properly setup, you can send and receive E-Mail just like you were on a standard computer. There are also options for the phone to automatically check your E-Mail accounts every few minutes. This way, the phone will notify you when a new E-Mail has been received.


The Q9m is a Dual Band All-Digital Windows Mobile 6 SmartPhone that operates on the 800Mhz and 1900Mhz CDMA Verizon network. Non-Voice Data, such as Web and E-mail, are transmitted using the faster EVDO network, but it is limited to EVDO Rev 0 speeds. We would have rather seen EVDO Rev A incorporated into the Q9m, since Verizon’s network is now Rev A compliant, which would result in faster download speeds. The Q9m does not have built-in WiFi, but is capable of having a WiFi card installed into the MiniSD slot.

Bluetooth 2.0 will allow up to 20 parings and supports Hands Free, Personal Network, Stereo Headset, Keyboard Input, and PIM Synchronization.

Accessing the Internet is limited to the IE program that comes preloaded on the device. It does a better job of viewing web sites than a standard WAP browser, but still has formatting and page layout issues. A better choice would be if Opera was included on the Q9m as it is on the Q9h, but at this time it is not even available for downloading and cannot be installed. Loading most HTML web site can take upwards of 30 seconds while in an EVDO coverage area.

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