FEATURES / PhoneBook

The phones book can hold up to 500 entries. If you save an entry into the phone's phonebook instead into the SIM card, you can assign different icon to every record (home, mobile, work) and also can assign a voice dial (can hold 25). The voice dial works well most of the time, but can not be compared with the one Ericsson T28 has. What I loved about this phone was that you can do virtually almost anything from any menu with just a couple clicks. If go to an entry in the phonebook and click on the MENU button, you will get the following choices:
New, Edit, Delete, Send Message, Hide ID, Add Digits, Attach Number, Copy Entry, Copy Entries, Phone Capacity, Sim Capacity and Setup. If this was a Nokia phone, you would probably have go to a separate setup menu to setup your phonebook, to a different messages menu to send a message etc. Here, everything is just a click away.

FEATURES / Settings

From the settings menu, the user can change:
1. Ring Styles – ring tones, text message tones. The phone can ring, vibrate, or vibrate and then ring. It has 32 built in ring tones and memory for another 32 user entered tones.
2. Call Forward – forwarding the calls to another phone
3. Phone Status – additional information like software version, technology, etc
4. Connection – enabling IRDA
5. In-Call Setup – In-call Timer, Answer Options, Call Waiting
6. Security – Phone lock, Keypad lock, Lock Application
7. Other Settings – Network Setup (change between 900/1800 and 1900 MHZ), Personalize, Car settings

Motorola has tried to introduce something similar to the famous Nokia Profiles. The user has a choice between five ring styles. For every style, you can change the ring volume, assign different tones to calls, text messages, voicemails, alarms, data calls, fax calls and reminders.

FEATURES / Recent Calls

Provides information for the last ten Dialed and Received calls, Notepad function (stores the information that you type during a call), and Call Timers.


It allows the user to enter Events (also alarms could be set from here). I think Motorola did not put enough thought into this feature. It could be improved a lot more – generally better graphical representation of the events.

FEATURES / Calculator

Very well designed and easy to use. The calculator also has a currency exchange function.

FEATURES / VoiceNotes

This is one of the greatest features this phone has. What it does is, to allow you to record a conversation, or to store short voice notes. It comes handy when you are driving or has no pen with you to you can write a quick reminder, or a phone number. The only negative thing about it is that it holds only 2 minutes of speech.

FEATURES / Messages

The message center allows you to view your Voicemails, Text Messages, Quick Notes (another very handy feature, permitting your to store short memos), Outbox and Drafts.
Overall, the message system is very easy to use, and allows you to select multiple recipients for a single message (but you can not create a list with numerous recipients). Another feature that impressed me was the LOCK. It allows you to lock certain text messages, so you do not delete them accidentally. To erase a lock message, the user has to unlock it first.
Motorola P280 supports proprietary Predictive Text Input called iTAP .My dictionary software supports English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Missing is the ability to add words to the dictionary. If for instance the dictionary does not recognize the work iTAP, you have to have to select tap text entry method, write the word, then go to the settings and change it back to iTAP. This of course is a lot of hassle and I hope Motorola will do some improvement there.

FEATURES / Browser

As I pointed out in the beginning, this was one of the first (if even not the first) GPRS capable phone on the US market. The P280 uses Openwave's Up.Browser version 4.1.23c US-DOM. The navigations joystick key comes very handy while browsing. If you are Voicestream subscriber, you can get 1MB of GPRS data for 2.99 (as of 12/29/01). This, according to Voicestream is about 500 screens of information. The good thing is that you do not have to pay for the minutes used to browse. You only pay for the actual amount of data transferred. Usually the browsing is very fast, and gives you access to information such as News, Driving direction, weather reports, email, games, movie information etc.


The Motorola P280 comes with three not that great games – BlackJack, Mindblaste and Paddleball.

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