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I liked the keypad a lot. Other then the regular keys, it has one four-way navigation joystick button, two volume buttons on the left side of the phone, a power button and a voice button of the right side. They have a good feel when you press them, even though they do not make any “clicking” sound.


The P280 is 125x49x24mm and weights 109g. It is not one of the lightest or smallest phones we have seen, but it fits very well in almost any pocket. It comes (at least the one that I have from VoiceStream) with nice belt clip.


Overall, Motorola's programmers have done incredible job with the P280. The menu system has been built from the ground up. I have to write pages and pages to be able to list and explain all the features this phone has. The phone menu system is made completely customizable. The user can assign top-level menu items to the two soft keys (I have chosen to have PHONEBOOK and MESSAGES).Also, you can assign 1 or 2 digit numeric shortcuts to almost all menus and submenus, which makes it really easy to navigate to frequently used functions. Another customization is that you can change the order of the top menu items, so you can place the most accessed ones on the top.
The P280 functions are very extensive and I think it has a lot more options then let say Nokia 8290. The top level menu choices are:
Settings, Recent Calls, Databook, Calculator, VoiceNotes, Messages, Phonebook, Browser, Shortcuts, Games and Fixed Dial.

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