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Motorola MOTO Z9 Review

Motorola MOTO Z9

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team


Motorola MOTO Z9 Review

We tested the Z9 around Chicago and were extremely impressed by the reception quality. Only once did we experience having no signal, and this was even tested in spots where most of our other phones worked. The ones that did managed at most one bar while this handset pulled off a steady four to five bars. It did struggle holding onto the 3G signal as we were constantly seeing it going back between 3G and EDGE, especially once indoors.

Call quality could have been better though. The voices came through loud but sounded a little muffled. The recipients informed us that they experienced no such problems from their end. The speakerphone could have been much better. It wasn’t nearly loud enough and the voices sounded tiny. The positioning of the speaker also made it very easy to cover it up during conversations if the display was facing us.

Battery life was average at best. When roaming on the 3G network, it is rated for 3 hours of talk-time and the best we managed was 3 hours and 20 minutes. Day to day use showed that it could last you for about a day with heavy use and about 3 days with little to medium use.


The Z9 turned out to be a great performer in the end. While the battery life could have been much better, it’s still not bad as long you carry a charger around. The strong reception makes it a great choice when traveling around and all the goodies that are packed into it, navigation, media player, mobileTV, and the games, can help anyone kill time during those boring moments. The stylishness of the handset will surely turn heads and separate you from the other models that are out there.


  • Great looks
  • Strong reception
  • Navigation
  • Photo quality


  • Awkward keypad
  • Short battery life
  • Low sound quality from speakerphone
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. pinko_1 (Posts: 1; Member since: 09 May 2008)

Great phone

posted on 14 May 2008, 10:47

2. bonesb (unregistered)

I have one, really am getting to liking it. I'm 6'7", the button size really isn't an issue with me. A couple of pointers. I experienced problems with signal hunting, slight popping when the phone was switching between 3G and 2.5G signals, and poor battery life. Talked with AT&T CS, they sent me a new SIM (I had a 3 YO Cingular 3G SIM) and I had it activated. The phone no longer hunts for signals, the muffled popping is completely gone, and the battery life appears to have increased about a third. Best of all, voice clarity on both ends improved markedly, the muffled voices syndrome is gone. I'd recommend getting a new SIM if you experience any of the issues listed in this paragraph, and I'm far happier with the Z9 now.

posted on 30 May 2008, 19:31

3. Mjgio10494 (unregistered)

I got this phone last week, and I have to say that it is amazing! Do not judge the color of the phone in pictures; it looks so much better in person. The Z9 is a very unique phone with a huge screen; the colors on it are very vibrant and life-like. The buttons are easy to press, and texting is quick and easy. Reception is also very strong; every where i go, i usually always get four to five bars or signal strength. The camera takes crisp pictures, but videos have poor quality. Finally, i usually get about two days of battery life because I use my phone heavily for text messaging. Overall, this is a great phone, and i would recommend it to anyone!

posted on 24 Jun 2008, 22:29

4. wayne wright (unregistered)

I have had the Z9 for 1 month and moving from sprint-nextel,anything would have been an improvement. After much research I settled on this phone. Best move I could have made. Very pleased.Speakerphone volume could be a little louder,but with bluetooth headphones there is no problem.

posted on 04 Jul 2008, 09:58

5. motoman117 (Posts: 15; Member since: 22 Jun 2008)

If I had AT&T, I dont know if I could decide between the Z9 or the V9x, both are great. But this is an excellent review of an excellent phone, thanks phonearena!

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