Sure the Motorola MILESTONE has a physical QWERTY keyboard you can use to dish out a quick text message, but the on-screen ones seemed just as capable of accomplishing the same feats.  We're quite astounded with how responsive it has become with little or no mistakes made during the typing processand the predictive text will aid in figuring out what you're trying to type. There are several suggestions that the phone will generate to best guess what you're saying – even better it will automatically enter the correct word after you press the space bar. In the past, we've sometimes seen the on-screen QWERTY lag and cause you to slow down – you won't even miss a beat with this one luckily. One minor problem that we noticed when speed typing is the tendency to accidentally activate one of the four touch-sensitive buttons. We've experienced hitting the home screen button a few times, which resulted in some minor frustrations. Overall, we're thoroughly impressed with the usability of both the portrait and landscape keyboards and the phone's ability to predict text. If neither of the on-screen keyboards float your boat, you can always rely on using the hardware QWERTY which provides a more accurate input method.

The messaging application is broken down to each contact and is displayed in a threaded view. You can even attach a variety of media files to make it an MMS. The interface is simple to use with just about anyone picking up on it without too much complications.

GMail is obviously the default email provider on the Motorola MILESTONE, but fortunately you can add POP, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange accounts.  Eclair now places all your messages to one single inbox and color codes them so you know exactly which one is from which account. When viewing the inbox, the color is displayed on the outer left side of the message – we would've preferred having the entire message highlighted in the particular color to make it a bit easier to differentiate. If you can't stand having to see all your messages displayed in a single inbox, you can simply select a specific mail account by pressing the menu key.

Setting up most email accounts  a simple process requiring your email address and password. From there, it will look up the specific settings for each provider and automatically start retrieving your messages. If it can’t automatically configure, it will ask you for the detailed settings, such as POP3/SMTP/IMAP servers and Port numbers.  One odd thing that did frustrate us was the phone's inability to setup Yahoo! – it just kept on giving us a message that the email address and password were incorrect. You'll have to manually set up the account which is the process users will have to deal with when setting propreitary accounts.

The only instant messaging client to be found installed is Google Talk. With the Android Market in full swing, we were able to download a variety of clients that were free, such as AIM,so we weren't too upset with only Google Talk being offered initially.


The Motorola MILESTONE is a quad band GSM with dual band 3G (900/2100MHz) that allows for fast, wireless internet connectivity on networks across Europe and Asia. Naturally, you can use the Wi-Fi anytime if there is a hotspot nearby.

One of the differences between the Motorola MILESTONE and the DROID is that the browser of the GSM version comes with multitouch support and you don’t need to install Dolphin to enable as it is on the Motorola DROID. As a whole, the Motorola MILESTONE loads pages really fast and offers enjoyable web surfing. You can zoom via double taps, but the implementation of the function is less adequate than what you get with the iPhone´s Safari. Pinching and spanning feels less smooth than with the Apple-made device, but is totally usable and definitely better than what you get with the HTC Hero. Motorola has promised support for Flash 10 in the first half of 2010, but until then you will have to put up with the fact you simply cannot relish the full beauty of the Internet. The HTC Hero has the advantage of being able to visualize Flash elements, but scrolling is more sluggish on the overall. All told, the Motorola MILESTONE is equipped with one of the best web browsers on Android handsets today.

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