Motorola KRZR K3 Review


As the K3 is a 3G-enabled handset, Motorola has packed it with powerful processor which during usage will result in fast opening of the menus. Although both K1 and K3 use the Synergy OS, the K3 is significantly faster. More power is always welcome.
As a phone, it disappointed us with the mediocre signal reception. As any other unit, we tested in an area with decreasing signal strength, and it scored 3.5 out of 5, which puts it next to other pretty phones like the Nokia Luna and Sony Ericsson T650.
The sound quality is good one, above the average level so we won’t really complain about it. The volume in both sides is strong and the voices sound realistically, but slight lack of high-frequencies makes them feel flat.


We are not really impressed by the K3 as it builds on the first KRZR but brings just too little improvements. The design has just minor changes and doesn’t bring the phone to the next level, which the RAZR2 series do. If you have been in love with the K1 but wanted a 3G capable version – go for it, otherwise we would prefer looking at the RAZR2 devices.


  • Fast reactions
  • Good call quality
  • Real HTML Browser


  • Weak signal reception
  • Design is same as the K1
  • Hard to feel side keys

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