Motorola KRZR K3 Review

The K3 is using Motorola’s Synergy OS, which can be found in many of their phones. Compared to the K1, the main menu will show 3 icons more (3x4 instead of 3x3) which results in layout similar to other modern phones. The Phonebook is very similar to other Motorola phones, and we love that a contact can store a slew of numbers. The organizer won’t surprise you but will do the job, featuring 5 alarms, calendar, calculator and world clock.

But we won’t discuss these features really in-depth, as the KRZR K3 is not designed as a working horse, it is mainly a phone, and a fun device on the second. The multimedia menu stores the handy Media Finder, which sorts your music, video and imaging files. Let’s try the music capabilities: the songs are sorted by artist/albums/genres or playlists, and the now playing interface visualizes big album art cover. The music player can be left at background level while you do something else on the phone. We are disappointed that the Video player didn’t open simple MPEG4/H.263 clips in QVGA resolution. It didn’t have any problem with 3GPP, but it is of very low quality.

The Camera interface also won’t really impress you, with its 90’s look. The most inconvenient is that if you shoot with the central position of the D-pad, by pressing it again it won’t save the picture but start composing a message and if you want to shoot in a series, the left soft-key should be used to go back to the interface.

The quality is on the average for a 2-megapixel unit. The images have the typical “cameraphone”-taste with strange oversaturated colors and burned areas when shooting in bright light. Indoors, they will be usable only if there is lots of light, so avoid shooting when it is dark.

One of the really cool features of the K3 is its new full HTML browser that allows you to preview internet pages as on a computer. This is a version of mobile Opera, done for the Synergy OS and works very well, rendering correctly most pages. If the speed or the traffic is a problem, you can prevent the images from loading. If we compare this miniOpera to the browser of Symbian S60 phones, we miss the minimap feature which shows you which part of the page you are looking at, which is handy as on those small displays one can have problems with the orientation.

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