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Just like the RAZR, the KRZR is a slim flip phone measuring 4.06”H x 1.73”W x .67”D and with a weight of 3.63oz. Compare this to the RAZR's dimensions of 3.90”H x 2.10”W x .57”D and you will see that the KRZR is slightly taller than the RAZR, yet not as wide. When holding both phones, the hand fits much easier around the KRZR and does not have the awkward feeling that the RAZR has, since it is not as wide. When placing both phones in you pants pocket, the KRZR is also less obtrusive.

ModelDimension (Inches)Dimension (MM)Weight (OZ)Weight (Gramms)
Motorola KRZR K1m4.0" x 1.7" x 0.7"103 x 44 x 173.6102
Motorola KRZR K14.0" x 1.6" x 0.6"103 x 42 x 163.6102
Motorola RAZR V3m3.9" x 2.1" x 0.6"98 x 53 x 14.53.5100
LG Chocolate VX85003.8" x 1.9" x 0.7"96.5 x 48 x 17.53.5100

Chocolate-KRZR K1m-RAZR V3m
RAZR V3m-KRZR K1m-Chocolate
RAZR V3m-KRZR K1m-Chocolate
KRZR K1m-RAZR V3m-Chocolate

The overall construction of the KRZR is sturdier than the RAZR, and no longer feels like cheap plastic that would easily break. The front exterior of the KRZR is mirrored charcoal-gray plastic that loves to show off fingerprints. At the top is the 1.3MP camera, with a 65K color 96x80 pixel CSTN display in the middle, and touch-sensitive music player buttons at the bottom that work in a similar fashion to the Chocolate. The external display is very small (postage-stamp size), with colored wallpaper being dark and almost covered up by the Date and Time. Since the size and quality of the external display is so poor, we feel that a better choice would of been to have a larger color TFT display or Black & White LCD display. Unlike on the RAZR, the Volume, Speakerphone, and VoiceCommand buttons are located on the bottom flip next to the keypad, not on the top flip next to the display. This is a much better placement and makes them easier to access while using the phone.

Opening up the KRZR with one hand can be challenging, due to the tension of the inner spring, so two-handed opening is recommended, and there are no crackling noises, except for a bump when opening past half way. At the top of the flip is the 65K color 176x220 pixel TFT internal display. Even though it has the same pixel-count as the one on the RAZR, it is not as big, but the quality of the TFT is much improved. It shows text clearly with no pixilation around the edges, and pictures are bright and clear with good color quality. The KRZR's display has a much wider viewing angle which fixes the issue with the RAZR, where you would have to look perfectly straight at it for there not to be any discoloration. Despite the better quality display, it can still be difficult to see when in direct sunlight.

K1m and V3m

Located on the bottom flip is the same type of metallic keypad that was used on the RAZR, which gives the phone a very modern look, but can prove to be hard to see outside with the sun reflecting on it. At the top is the 5 way navigational pad, surrounded by the message, contacts, camera, clear, send and end buttons. Below it is the numeric keypad, with large numbers and well-spaced buttons, which will cut down on missed dialed numbers and make TXT messaging easier. The entire keypad has the same aqua-blue backlight that is on the RAZR, which makes it easy to read in the dark.

K1m and V3m

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