Motorola HS815 Headset Review


The HS815 is uncomfortable and it couldn’t be worse – every aspect of wearing the headset is done awful: attaching it even with two hands is very hard, as the ear hook can not be adjusted in any way and it even can not be curved. In order to install it correctly, we’d advise you to put it on from the back to the front, but even in this case if you have long hair may tweak it.

Once on your head, it is not solid installed and wobbles even with the slightest movement of the head. The heavy weight reminds you of something on your ear all the time, and so does the hard hook. If you shake your head, the headset will either slap your face or fall off from it.

You may forgive it is uncomfortable, if it looks good on it – but that’s definitely not the case with the HS815 – it is big, chunky and blue, and the microphone is long and funny. You wouldn’t improve your technique-look level with it, but may get some mockery, based on it.


Motorola HS815 cannot compare with ANY modern headset – it’s big, bulky, and in our opinion – ugly. It lacks any functionality but the basic, it’s hard to attach it, and when you achieve it – it is uncomfortable and painful for your ears. When we add awful sound quality on the both sides, we realize that the HS815 is a piece of junk.


  • Retro look for the lovers


  • Big size and chunky design
  • Uncomfortable to install and wear
  • Low quality sound
  • Weak battery live

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