Motorola HS805 Headset Review


As we’ve already mentioned, the earhook used in the device is not exactly the same as the one of the H300 and instead of four steps for opening, it can be either fully opened (90 degrees) or closed (0 degrees) instead of allowing you to open it a little (45 degrees) and easily put it on your ear.  The operation can be still achieved if you train it a little, but it is not very easy.

Once installed, the HS805 wobbles and shakes when you move – it is not stable and hits the face it’s attached to. It’s very likely to fall of your face accidentally if the head is shaken or even only tilted. Forget about running with it – the HS805 will be down before a couple of steps could be done.

Not equipped with rubber or anything to feel comfortable on your face, the heavy weight will say its word – after a half an hour of usage, the headset tired our ears and we demanded on removing it. It won’t be a problem for short conversations, though.

This is not an image maker – wearing the H805 won’t turn you into a technology guru, but the contrary – you will look as a numb that is a big fan of cartoons with robots – or cartoons with funny robots. The cheap look of the device can ruin every style, and the big dimension show it is big, attached to every head.


If you want a cheap headset – it’s cheap. But when it comes to anything else, the H805 is not a deal breaker. Its price and battery life are its main selling points, as it is very basic. Unfortunately it is also very big and bulky and both uncomfortable to wear and ugly looking. Considering the low price, we’d still get a H300 for its better look and feel.


  • Strong battery times
  • Voice quality is better than entry-level


  • Awful design and size
  • Unstable attachment
  • Not comfortable for use

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