Motorola HS805 Headset Review


Pairing is again as simple as possible: holding the call key for a few seconds while the headset is off will put it in this mode, indicated by the LED lit in solid green. As a standard, the code requested when the phone finds “Motorola HS805” is 0000. Up to eight devices can be connected to the headset at a time.

Using key combinations and techniques, voice dialing or last-number dialing can be performed while in standby mode. The headset can also handle with multiple conversations, holding or switching them.


During a call, the HS805 performed better than the expected with quality above the average delivered in a headset from the ultra low class. The outgoing sound was slightly muffled but still distinct and with average strength. The incoming voice sounded realistic and clear, without any noise from the speaker and with volume high enough for place with more noise.

Of course, the budget headset lacks any system for dealing with noise or wind, but we tested it and once again it performed better than the expected. Probably thanks to the relatively big boom microphone, the HS805 was able to deal with the artificial wind.



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